Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From Around the Internet

Photos from a recently discovered 1200 year old underwater Egyptian city 
and another article about it

An incredible bit of serendipity (link fixed!)

India bans captive dolphin shows

Dolphins have names for each other

A badass, vengeful, woman pirate

Julianne Moore recreating art

The real Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin

Study reveals what makes us happy

40-year-old sealed garden bottle

and my kind of parenting advice:



Jamie said...

I love these kinds of posts. The one downer is that I started to engage in conversation on the dolphin one and then noticed it's four months old, lol. Also I think I'm going to make my own bottle garden because I lurve me some low maintenance plants :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, maybe it's just me but didn't get the serendipity one...

Unknown said...

I'm glad you said something, somehow the photo link got pasted instead of the article.

Almost 70 years after her high school sweetheart died in WWII, 90yr old Laura Mae Davis found his diary, addressed to her, at the WWII Museum in New Orleans.

I will fix the link, thanks!

Jamie said...

Oh good - because I was lost on that, too.

Unknown said...

You do find the most interesting things! All I seem to find are kittens and zombies.

LindseyBear said...

I hate you for not posting more. What kind of person keeps all that funny locked up inside?!

Then again, maybe you are just worried about the NSA.