Friday, June 28, 2013

Moving Pictures

Google automatically uploads my photos from my phone for me. I don't necessarily approve of this because it feels risky, but they promise those photos are private until I share them and I'm really too lazy to figure out how to make it stop so I'm going to attempt to embrace it.

Anyway, I accidentally discovered that if I take a series of shots in a row, they make them into a .gif for me!

Here's tonight's sunset:

Here is little kid at sunset a few days ago:

And here are my boys (all 3 of them) playing in the creek on vacation:

This is a recent discovery so stay tuned for lots more of this since it endlessly entertains me!


mom said...

I love how the sun sets over and over. What is the app?

The Ludwigs said...

That's kind of awesome - I'm going to have to see if I have gifs too!

Unknown said...

I don't think it's an app, it started happening when I logged on to google+. They have automatic photo backup, or something, and it stacks consecutive photos if you have 5 or more.

Renee said...

Wow! Super cool.

Cassadie said...

I was watching this documentary on Oregon Public Broadcasting about this time lapse videographer and I kept saying how awesome it would be to try something like that. My husband just laughed in a "Like you could do that" kind of way. Well! Looky here. I've got to give this a try. Fabulous!
(And not just because I could prove him wrong...)

Unknown said...

Mr. Ashley has a GoPro sports camera that takes one photo per minute. When we go to the beach, we attach it to his chair and then when we get home, I import all of the pictures into movie maker and it creates a quick little time lapse of our whole day into a video. It's awesome!

So you could do it, Cassadie, that will show him!

Julie H said...

Pretty cool!