Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Reading Reward

"Did you know the end of the year reading party was a fruit kabob party?" Big Kid said, in a rather accusatory tone.

"It was?"

"Last year it was an ice cream sundae party. I read 14 novels that they picked and got some fruit kabobs for it? Sorry, that's not special. They are always getting us to eat fruit now, I read those books for an ice cream sundae."

"Yeah...I see why you're disappointed. Still, you enjoyed the books and still got a party for reading them," I offered, fully recognizing that a fruit kabob party sucks.

"It's just out of control. The pizza in the cafeteria has blue crust and they're making our ice cream sundae party a fruit kabob party because they're so worried about us eating healthy."

"Yeah. I see your point. We can have our own sundae party."

"It's not right."

"They didn't have to give you a party at all."

"I didn't have to read the books and when they said there would be a party, I did not think it would be fruit kabobs. Fruit kabobs are not a party."


I know it's a little ungrateful of him, but I have to agree that fruit kabobs are pretty lame.


Tara said...

My kids' school was like that a couple years ago. Now they've eased up a bit. The kids were only allowed to bring in muffins for their birthdays. Muffins. I mean, if you don't want the kids to eat treats, just say "no treats". Allowing only muffins? Weird.

Tell Big Kid my 3rd grader's class was supposed to have popsicles today, for being good sports during Field Day. The teacher went to get the popsicles from the lunchroom freezer and they were GONE. Even thought hey had the teacher's name on the boxes, someone took them. Rude!

Sasha said...

Why is the pizza crust blue? I am scared!

But Will would have boycotted a fruit kabob party too. In fact, he would have thrown up all over it because he still throws up when he smells fruit. Poor guy. (both Big Kid and Will in this case)

Get him a double dip pronto!

Jennifer said...

A fruit kabob party just might be one of the lamest things I've ever heard of in my entire life. What a gyp.

Jamie said...

I am curious about the blue pizza crust also. That sounds more toxic than yellow/white crust.

You'd think that for a party they'd get a treat. What about a chocolate fountain with the fruit.

asnell said...

I hate this. A couple of parties throughout the year will not kill a kid with sugar!! My school is teetering on this. I just ignore it. I make sure I am room mom each year so we can have junk food.

Our end of the year parties consist of rootbeer floats and chips. It's a PARTY for goodness sake. Let their parents torture them with fruit. Ugh!

Jennifer said...

A fruit kabob party is hella lame! A little sugar now and then isn't going to kill anyone. They really know how to take the fun out of things! Sheesh!

Julie H said...

LMAO I just read this to my daughter. She got to see the change from their school being so pro party with cupcakes and yummies to veggie trays and pretzels.