Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The New Rules

I made my fancy list of rules and had it printed at Office Depot. I love it, it was completely worth neglecting housework over.

It's also marginally effective, but only because the kids hate it (I'm talking absolutely despise it) and are lobbying hard for it not to be framed and hung in a prominent location. They think it is embarrassing and ridiculous, although they reluctantly agree that my font usage was really good.

It's actually aqua but my phone's camera just does whatever colors it wants and aqua isn't one of those colors. 

So now it hangs on the fridge, waiting to see if it needs to be framed or if we can make these (very easy) things a habit without having an offensive framed reminder. It's the pee splatter part that really ticks Big Kid off.

But what's more embarrassing, a sign acknowledging that pee splatters can happen or having a guest accidentally encounter a pee splatter? I've pointed out that no one will assume I made the sign because that's insane, so no one needs to take the pee splatters personally.

I'm tired of cleaning it up. When they move out, I'm having that bathroom gutted down to the wood framing and rebuilt.


Unknown said...

I love it! and want one for my house, immediately, please.

mom said...

looks aqua to me!

Jamie said...

The fonts are super cute - which basically means you HAVE to frame it. Maybe you should make a few and hang them in all offending areas of the house, lol.