Saturday, December 21, 2013


Did you know that sometimes UPS drops stuff off at USPS and if USPS is busy or just not that into it that day, they will pretend your address doesn't exist and return to sender? Even if both UPS and USPS have been to your house every Monday through Saturday for the entire month of December?

Because that's what happened to all of Mr. Ashley's Christmas gifts this year. They are somewhere between here and wherever Also, if this happens to you, it's no one's fault--not the sender, not UPS, and not USPS and no one cares if you're disappointed because it's not their problem. You're just kind of treated like a moron for believing the company you paid to deliver your items in a timely matter would do so. Also, none of the three can call the phone number you provided to give you a head's up that they've decided your home no longer exists.

My love affair with UPS is over. I will order from Massey's Outfitters next time. My mailman gets no Christmas tip, but he wasn't going to anyway because he's a lazy jerk all year.

And my husband has no Christmas gifts.

Wait until you see what my sweet husband got me. He definitely does not deserve whatever pathetic junk I scrape up on Christmas Eve, the only day I have available for shopping.


Julie H said...

My friends husband works for UPS want me to have him kick some ass? :)

amanda said...

UPS "SurePost" is the devil. It always takes forever and no one cares when things go wrong.