Sunday, September 14, 2014

Book Traitor

"At the rate I'm reading, I might have to make up with the library," I announced while perusing Amazon.

"Are you mad at the library again?" Mr. Ashley asked.

"I never stopped being mad at the library. They're assholes. I'm sick and tired of them oppressing me."

He started to laugh in a way that I didn't like. "So you think this is a library problem and not a you problem?"

"Of course it's not a me problem! This has been going on for YEARS."

"Yes...that's my point. This has been going on for years. So you think this is all the library's fault?"

"I don't think there's any doubt this is their fault since they are the jerks."

Then he laughed so hard he was semi-hyperventilating, in a way that makes me think he's on the library's side in all of this.


Julie H said...

I get so annoyed that I have to go into the libarary to pay a $2 fine so that I can place a hold on books I want online. They need to get with the times and have a spot to just pay with a credit card lol

Rachel said...

Have you checked to see if your library offers Overdrive or something like that to check out Kindle/E-books? That is awesome- they automatically return (NO LATE FEES) and I don't have to go in there :) I also can put books on hold and it just emails me when they're available. However, it does use my library card and I know I have to "renew" that at least once a year. Might work for ya!