Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yes and Yes

"That would be amazeballs," I said to my husband in conversation, in an annoying way on purpose like when I say adorbs.

(Don't worry, I don't do this often. He knows to ignore it completely.)

"Mom, did you just say amazeballs?" little kid asked. I was surprised he had heard me. There's really nothing that rhymes with amazeballs so I had to confess.

"Yes I did. You probably shouldn't say that, though."

"YOU probably shouldn't say that! Amazeballs? Mom, let me give you a clue, you should never use the words 'amaze' and 'balls' together." He used his hands to create categories for the words 'amaze' and 'balls' as he spoke; 'amaze' clearly went here and 'balls' clearly went over there. "Trust me on this one. Amazeballs. You've got to be kidding me, mom."

He's going to repeat it somewhere that will embarrass me horribly, isn't he?

(I'm really screwing up this whole parenting thing, aren't I?)


The Ludwigs said...

Cheers to failing parenting! Not that YOU are, but I have had one giant miserable fail of a day. :(

Unknown said...

I'd like to think that when he says it and embarrasses you that it will greatly amuse everyone that hears it so... nope - great job, haha.