Monday, November 10, 2014


"I almost won 'confetti' today," little kid announced at dinner tonight.

"Oh yeah?" I said, because it buys me about 15 extra seconds of delay.

"Yep. I was in the top 3 of the whole class."

"What's 'confetti'?" I asked.

"You know how she punches the holes in our cards?"

I nodded even though I don't know.

"We win them."

"Right, but what do you win?"

"The holes. The confetti that the holes make."

"The paper circles from the hole punch? That's the prize?"

He nodded excitedly. "Yes! I was so close!"

"So, wait. She punches your cards during the week, for what, good behavior?"

He nodded again.

"And then you win the paper from the holes that were punched?"


"And you like this game? You all hope to win?"

"We LOVE it."

His teacher is a freaking genius.

I don't know how she does it, but, wow. 


TH said...

My husband, who is working on his Elementary Education degree right now, has filed this away for future use.

He is amazed at the simplicity and genius of it.

Mitch said...

I wish you had a like button for this one.

Julie H said...

LOL! My friend at work used to save them and was going to have a big party the day she quit. Somehow she left them all and they just got tossed in the trash. Rather disappointing ;)

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

My fourth grade teacher did a hole punch thing but the hole punches were currency. For what? At the end of the year, she auctioned off old workbooks, worksheets, pencils, etc. Some used, some not. And we went wild for them. I don't know what the boys did with them but the girls used them to play school. And looking back, I think that was fracking genius too. Because she got us to behave and then use our good behavior to buy her old crap that she didn't want to pack up over the summer. And all the while we were excited about it.