Monday, August 2, 2010

iPhone Home

Big Kid: Mom, can I get an iPhone?

Me: What?!? Are you crazy? I don't even have an iPhone! You're 6 years old, are you kidding me?

Big Kid: Please? Come on, mom.

Me: You are INSANE!! What does a 6-year-old need an iPhone for?

Big Kid: So I can call you and stuff. I want one 'cuz the new ones are 4D now. Wouldn't that be cool? When we talked, it would be like I was standing right in front of you!

Me: Wh--? Oh, 4G? Not 4D. 4G just means it processes data faster, or something.

Big Kid: (looking disappointed) Oh. I guess I don't need one then. But when they go 4D, can I get one then?

Me: ...yes. Of course you can.

Let's hope we're at least 2 decades away from 4D phone calls, so that he can buy it with his own money. It would be pretty cool to talk to my grandkids in 4D though...


Jennifer said...

I bet in 4D it would be like reaching out and touching them for real.

And that totally just showed my age.

Shannon said...

Let's face it, 4D, 3D, love cell phones of any kind!!

wendybird said...

My two oldest (9 and 7) are friends with two brothers (also 9 and 7) that each have their own iphone. I don't know whether to think it's funny their parents think the kids 'need' them, or irritated I have to keep explaining to MY kids why they don't. Leaning towards irritated.

AmandaL said...

Wow. My son (8) started asking for a cell phone 2 years ago. Some of his friends in kindergarten/1st grade had them. Like wendybird said, I spend a lot of time explaining to him why he doesn't need one.

~Gretchen~ said...

dixie asked for an iPhone last christmas at age 6. i dont think she even knew what it was, just that Papa had one and it was cool