Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chicken Apple Frog Piece Pie

little kid still works a lot and often complains about scheduling conflicts between work and school. He found an old phone handset today and said he needed to make calls to his boss, a work friend and a work friend's mother.

"My boss is Moe. I gots to call him 'cuz he's never at wook," he said, while waiting for Moe to answer.

"Sounds like my boss," Mr. Ashley answered.

"Well, he's at my wook sometimes but he's like walkin' around and stuff. I can't talk to him, so I gots to call him on a phone."

"That's a manager for you," we commiserated with him, laughing. Moe never did answer.

I almost arranged a meeting with these elusive work friends one day when little kid tentatively mentioned that I had never seen or heard any of his friends from work and I must be sad not to have met them.

"Yeah. Why haven't I met them?"

"Uh, 'cuz they's busy a lot. Wookin' and stuff."

"Maybe we could have them over for dinner one night." He laughed and then looked a little nervous when I smiled back, waiting for an answer.

"Oh, yeah. Hmmmm. Maybe we could do 'at." He studied the ceiling and then began picking at the carpet near his feet.

"When? What night is best for them?"

"Ah. Uh. Here's a thing--" He looked up from his carpet picking. "They only eat chicken and apple pies." He scrunched his nose, like this disgusting entree was obviously a deal breaker.

"Hmm. Well, I can cook chicken pies! I could just add some apples. That might be good actu--"

"...with frogs. Chopped up pieces of frogs. Like all bloody and gooey and stuff? It's all they eat. But you's don't got to chop up any frogs, mine mumum."


"Yeah, so maybe no dinner. You can meet 'em maybe later."


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh that is too cute. You need to make an apple, chicken pot pie one night an include a mystery "frog" ingredient. :)

Mommy Wishdom said...

LOL! That kid has an answer for everything. : )

Sasha said...

Love it. He is a riot and destined to be famous someday.

Bren said...

The way he describes his boss you would think he actually DOES have a job! Very perceptive!

And I think I will pass on the pie too!

Jennifer said...

He has a great imagination. That should serve him well one day.

Jennifer said...

Haha! I've said it before... I LOVE Little Kid's work friends!

Joy said...

That is great! I wish I had written down more things my kids said, while they were still young.

Former Fat Chick said...

how very chic the boss loves cuisses de grenouille, oh la la. Foxes in Miami has AWESOME frog legs- you must take him one day!

Drew's Mom said...

I absolutely ADORE Little Kid & his work friend stories... I need to get some work friends of my own..minus the frog

Sam said...

I'm going to be kind of sad when Little Kid gets older and doesn't talk about his wook friends anymore.

Anonymous said...

I agree! LK's wook stories are my fave. I was kind of worried he wasn't able to keep up with work and school. Glad to see they let him go part-time! And yes, you can keep the frog pie. Even those who live in Louisiana have standards.

Kelli in LA

Mommy Moments said...

I could follow your blog just to find out what Big Kid and Little Kid do "when they grow up". Oh and their teenaged years. That should be fun ;)