Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nook Out

Well, Tangerine has not come back. little kid and I canvassed the neighborhood, interviewing neighbors and putting up missing posters. He also built several cat traps around the community by collecting small twigs and placing them upright in different patterns. He built a master cat trap in my room out of a tv tray, a small flag, a small fishing net, some string and the top of a wooden decorative box. Pretty MacGyverish of him.

(But ineffective and unsightly.)

little kid was angry and then sad about her disappearance. He holds out hope that she's just out on an adventure and he wants to get a new cat. Big Kid was unaffected until he saw one of the signs on the way to school this morning; that made him cry. Mr. Ashley and I miss her and hardly know what to do with ourselves without all of the howling and cursing and faucet wrangling.

Maybe she was just finally sick of our shit and found a new source of running water.

I got a Nook for my birthday and I love love love it. I was one of those "I like books too much!" people but I already love it and I'm already reading a lot more, just for the novelty (pun intended). It turns out that I like words more than books.

Right now I'm reading "The Art of Racing in the Rain." My hairdresser recommended it and I was uninterested at first. It is written from a dog's perspective and I could tell she was all emotional about it; her and I have similar reading tastes but sometimes she likes cheesy feel-good stuff about angels and things. Also, anything relating to dogs always ends up being sad and I hate setting myself up for sadness. She admitted it was sad but said I had to read it anyway. This carried on for two appointments in a row, so when I saw it in the e-book section of the library, I downloaded it. I'm only a few chapters in but I'm already completely in love with this book. It's a challenge to even talk to you all right now because I want to get back to reading. I'm still near the beginning but it is clever and beautifully written; I have already cried happy and sad tears over it. I look forward to the rest of it.

I'm also reading Zeitoun by Dave Eggers (just because I can carry around 2 books at once now) but it's based on a true story from Hurricane Katrina and I know it's going to make me sad and mad, so I'm reluctant to jump right in. I know it will be wonderful because everything by Eggers is, but I hate sad stuff that happened in real life.

Big Kid bought me Animal Crossing: City Life for my birthday. I've been wanting Animal Crossing for the Wii and he was very excited about buying it for me, so that was really sweet. I saved up a bunch of money in the game so that I could pay off the mortgage on my little house after I got everything decorated just so--and then little kid played on my account and sold everything I owned for a ninja sword. But he still didn't have enough money for the ninja sword, so he just bought a bunch of hats and sunglasses instead. Pretty annoying. I could see this happening in real still living together when we're 70 and 42 and him using the mortgage payment for a ninja sword.

Not much else to report here; I'm really only checking in because I feel guilty neglecting you all for my new Nook.


shelly said...

ebooks from the library! How to check if my library does this.

Cole said...

Grammy just got a Nook and she loves it, too! Have you read Water for Elephants (Sara Gruen)? Midwives (Chris Bohjalian)?

Liz B said...

I got a nook for my birthday in May, and I havent been the same since! I read all the time now. Its convienient to keep in my handbag, and the best part is no waiting in between books! When you are done with one, you can download a new one immediatly. Thats my fav part.

My husband hates my nook. He says my nook is coming between us! I stopped watching tv with him and Im always in bed reading. So he says we dont spend time together anymore. Im not sure how not talking and staring at the tv counted as quality time, though. lol

When he gives me a hard time about it, I caress my nook and give it a little smooch. Then I tell him to straighten up, or me and the nook are gonna run away together.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who sees the parallel between a Nook to read books and Nook's in Animal Crossing? Kerry

Mommy Wishdom said...

Ever since I got my Kindle, I can't stop reading and admittedly re-reading books. It's like some sick addiction. However I guess it could be worse.

Jacqueline said...

I LOVE my Kindle, and though I was a big reader before I am an even bigger one now. I don't think we can get books from our library though, so I'm jealous! The Art of Racing in the Rain is absoltely fantastic, and changed my opinion of animal-perspective books forever. I think I read it cover to cover (does that work when it's digital?) because I couldn't put it down. Enjoy!!