Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Animal Crossing: City Life

Do any of you have this game? Is one of your neighbors a duck named Joey? If so, we'd like to be your friend and visit each other's towns.

The boys got me this game for my birthday and we all became addicted. We built a little town, paid off our mortgages, sent each other mail and gifts daily, collected fossils and animals for the museum collection, became friends with our neighbors and customized our homes. The 4 of us played a little bit every single day for about 3 months.

And then little kid got bored and erased our entire town yesterday.

Big Kid was devastated; so genuinely, heart-breakingly sad. He is greatly mourning the loss of our neighbor Joey the duck, who is not in our new town. When I woke up this morning I found him at the computer writing an email to Nintendo begging them to help us get Joey back.

I think if you have a friend whose city you visit that your neighbors may move back and forth between each other's towns. This may be our only hope to see Joey again. I promise we will be good Animal Crossing friends to you, we won't mess up your town, and we will send you notes and gifts and invite you over to our place.

So if you play this game, will you email me at ashleyquitefrankly *at* g mail We haven't gone on wi-fi with it before so I'll have to figure out our friend code or whatever, but I'll do it so Big Kid and Joey can be reunited.

And I'll send you lots of nice presents. I swear.


jennyandcompany said...

Oh that makes me so sad for him! We had a "game eraser" in this house for a little while too, it sucks.

Jennifer said...

Awww.. poor guy! I heard about this game ( it's an animal crossing- but I am not sure which one) and bought it.. but I turned it on and had such a hard time figuring it out, that I put it in the cabinet and forgot about it. Maybe I need to take some time one day and try and figure it out... if your kids understand it, then surely mine would be able to as well ( I think mine are close in age to yours). I was operating under the assumption that since I didn't understand it.. neither would they.

Unknown said...

Jennifer, the beauty is that there isn't much to understand. You just sort of live real life--with more pleasant responsibilities, neighbors and debts. There are no real levels, it's just a real time, constantly evolving virtual place.

We'll even take non-Joey having wi-fi friends! He just misses Joey so bad. :-(

Anonymous said...

I so want to you to come to Nookland. We don't have Joey the duck but we do have Deena the duck. We also have a creepy rhino. I will have to get my friend code and send it to you. We have never had anyone visit. Kerry

Unknown said...

Kerry, we would love that! We've never done it either. I actually spent hours last night starting about 30 new towns until I found Joey. The things we do for love! Anyway, we'd love to play and I feel even better that we "know" you.

Anonymous said...

I will get the info over sometime this weekend. Miss Gi will love having the boys to play with. She keeps a pretty messy house though. LOL.