Monday, December 13, 2010

Harold Hubert Piggybottom: Days 4-12

I'm sorry I fell off the wagon in reporting Harold Hubert Piggybottom the Christmas elf's shenanigans. He's been quite busy; in fact, I think he's starting to look a little bit tired. I bet next year the Christmas elves get dispatched much closer to Christmas--it's a long time to be away from home and so active.

So to get us caught up, Harold:

Decorated a miniature Christmas tree! Big Kid was not impressed that Tinkerbell was present and predicted that Harold was always going to be doing things with dumb ol' Tinkerbell from now on and thought that would be gross and boring. Luckily, Harold proved him wrong and stopped the womanizing.

 Played army men! We were particularly impressed that he was wearing GI Joe's camo pants and helmet. GI Joe wasn't looking so happy about it though and is probably still naked.

 Hung from the ceiling fan! That night Big Kid called me in excitedly to point out that with the light on, the shadow Harold made looked exactly like a reindeer. I was doubtful--but then I could totally see what he was talking about! Real live Christmas magic there.

 Went fishing! little kid loved this one, especially since Harold used a real sharp hook. It was a safety pin but I guess the danger factor was impressive to little kid. He was also thrilled to see that he had caught one.

Brought chocolates! And made a mess out of wrapping paper. Harold does not magically clean up the messes that he magically makes, which is pretty annoying of him.

Made snow angels! Out of flour. The same day I vacuumed. little kid had just been talking about snow angels earlier that day though and was impressed that Harold was listening. 
 Joined us for breakfast! Harold brought his own little bowl of cereal and milk and toast. He also had a teensy black fly in his spoon.

 Read How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Later that night Big Kid carefully slid it from underneath Harold's hands to read it to little kid.
 So, things were going pretty well with Harold until yesterday when they found him hanging on the advent calendar. Everyone was pretty unimpressed with his creativity for that morning...until Big Kid opened the #12 drawer and found mini toilet plungers, toilet paper rolls and pieces of fake poo!! Isn't that horrible?!? What kind of elf is this? Big Kid wanted to hang him on the dart board and throw darts at him but I think we need to report it to Santa. What if he pulls this kind of behavior in the house of a toddler? little kid thinks it's funny and hopes we can get Harold back next year.

 Big Kid and I aren't so sure.


Julie H said...

Oh my gosh these are so cute and funny! If my kids were younger I'd so do this!

Anonymous said...

Harold sounds like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Quinby Quinton decorated the Christmas tree with underwear. My 14 year old, Izzy, was not happy to have her bras dangling off the tree. I think Quinby is on thin ice with her. I bet it's a matter of time before Harold gets to underwear garland. I think those elves are on some kind of network.

Vee said...

Love, love reading what your elf has been doing around the house. I can't make up my mind if I want you to be my mom or if I have the energy to attempt to be as creative as you.
You're very talented and your kids are very lucky to have you.
Merry Christmas!

Jennifer said...

I love Harold's fishing stool.

Heidi Robinson said...

We have plans for an elf to come to our house next year. I am keeping tabs on Harold to see what kind of shenanigans we're in for! I do wonder where Harold got the tiny toilets & accessories...

Unknown said...

I don't know where he got them either! Who makes toy poo? They seem like they are made from rubbery eraser material. Those would be some Crazerasers!

But I think ours came from the North Pole with Harold because it's not like he can go out shopping at Toys R Us or Michael's craft store for supplies or anything!

Colleen said...

Wow, you are SO flipping creative with your elf!!! We have an elf on the shelf (Charlie) and he just appears somewhere differnt each night!

нσʋƨтσи3αвʏ said...

Ash, you never cease to amaze me. You are crazy creative, and how i wish my parents did this for me!! Big Kid and Little Kid are so lucky to have you!! Maybe next year when my youngest will be almost 4 we will try this, i would hate for him to end up with a mouth full of fake poo! He might like it, for me.. revolting. LoL

Joy said...

Dang jingles is lame compared to Harold, looks like he needs to step up his game!