Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Freaks

All of my Christmas-crazy neighbors suddenly have golf carts.

No, we don't live in a golf course community. These freaks went out and rented golf carts for the month so they can drive around and look at each other's lights.

And I don't mean a handful of people--I mean that I can easily count 15 golf carts on my 1 mile drive home and that's without side streets. Some people have two carts, some people have the big extended shuttle-type ones, most have elaborately decorated them. All of the moms drive them up to the corner to pick up their walkers; the line of SUVs and minivans has been replaced by motorized carts of varying size and decor.

And I am so freaking jealous!! I called around and not only can I not get a golf cart (probably because my neighborhood has all of them) but they run between $400-$700 a month. Who does that??

Neighborhood Mom's is purple and is all decorated with glittery purple ribbon and ornaments. Big Kid rode home from school with her today and I'm pretty sure he loves her more than me now.


Jennifer said...

Man, now I want one and I don't even have a place to ride around in it.

And I don't know anyone that does that.

shelly said...

We need photos. That is seriously crazy!

Wanna Be Iron Mommy said...

You can rent a golf cart for a month! Who knew.

Jackie said...

That is absurd. Funny to read about, probably scary to live in.

I think if I rode around in a purple golf cart in my town (on the golf course, much less around town!!) someone would start writing nasty letters to the editor and leaving anonymous snide notes in my mailbox.

Tara said...

You'd be super jealous of Peachtree City, Ga then:

"Peachtree City has a system of golf cart paths which spider across the town and provide a secondary means of access to almost any destination within city limits. These multi-use paths stretch for more than ninety miles throughout the city. Many places of business have specially designated golf cart parking spaces and the Peachtree City Police Department has several golf carts that patr[4]ol along the paths. Over 9,000 households own a golf cart, more than any other city in the world, and use them as an extra vehicle for local transportation." (Wikipedia)

Cool, huh?

Joy said...

hell yea he loves her more she has a purple sparkly golf cart!!
j/k sorta

when we visited my SIL at the beach last year the house had a golf cart and the 4 kids fought over who got to drive it everytime we went out!

oh and YES we need pictures

Anonymous said...

How are the kids 'walkers' if they get picked up?

And a little jealous of the golf carts. :)

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I second the photo request! I really want a pink one but I live in a city and would get run over in a skinny minute. Or mugged. Either way it probably would end badly and quickly. But I still totally want one!

Unknown said...

We live too close for a bus but it's a little too far to walk, so almost all of the moms park at the corner of our subdivision and wait for the crossing guard to walk the kids across a busy road to them. I walk over to the school and pick my kid up at the actual school because I love him more (kidding, he makes me).

Peachtree GA sounds really cool! I heard there's an island in FL where no cars are allowed and they only have golf carts but I don't know where.

I will get photos and I also had no idea you could rent golf carts monthly. The things you learn!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks this is totally bizarre?

Unknown said...

I agree that it's bizarre! And who has $400-$700 extra near Christmas?!? I live in a middle class neighborhood--I'm really surprised so many can afford it.

That being said...I'm calling around early next year. I've heard somewhere does weekly rentals and another envious neighbor and I have talked about splitting the rental and sharing one.

Bizarre or not, they are having more fun than I am!

Cindy said...

Bobby on "Cougar Town" drives a golf cart for his car. He likes it too.

Mitch said...


The place in Florida is The Villages. MIL lives there. Its crazy seeing all the old people driving around in their snazzed up golf carts drinking their scotch and beer. And, no, old people don't drive the golf carts any better than they do their own cars!

Unknown said...

Mitch, I've been to the villages! That place is craaaazy!! Truly Heaven's waiting room and every old person's dream community.

Weirdo city but an interesting stop.