Sunday, December 5, 2010


The other day in the car Big Kid asked, "Mom, what's Lookers?"

Oh shit, I thought. Lookers is a strip club. How would he know about a strip club? The radio! He does listen to radio advertisements. I can tell he already knows something is up, what can I say, what can I say shit shit shit.

I tried to remember the commercial so I could give a reasonable explanation but all I could remember was "L Ohh Ohhhhhhhhh K E R Sssssssssssss, Lookers! Looohhhhkeeeerssss.

"Uh, I don't know...? What? Why? "

"Lookers. L Oh! Oh! K E R S What do they do there?"

"Yes. I'm not--er, it is a...well, I am not sure."

"Could you call them?"


"I was thinking they could help us find Tangerine. Since they maybe look for things, maybe they look for lost cats?"

"Uh...yeah." And I left it at that.

And then turned off the radio forever.


Jennifer said...

I was taking the girls (Baby Girl and her BFF) to school the other day and that Mariah Carey Touch My Body song came on. I didn't know what to do. I was scared turning it off would bring even more attention to it because there were trying to sing it. Not a good parenting moment.

Lauren said...

Oh, that's so sweet and innocent though, that he wanted to call and see if they could find the cat. Love this story, but yikes, glad I wasn't having that conversation.

Renee said...

I looooooooove this story. Looooooooooove it.

-The Renee

Anonymous said...

So now you know what Mr. Ashley is doing when he says he's looking for your lost cat. LOL

jennyandcompany said...

Little ears don't miss much!

Sorry your kitty is still missing :(

Unknown said...

This story is absolutely hysterical. Let me know what they say when you call and ask about finding lost cats. Hahaha.

Unknown said...

I want to say something about cathouses but my brain can't think of anything good.