Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Catch Up

I know we're all over Christmas already but I just can't skip it in the Story of My Life, sorry. So here's the condensed version of the wrap-up.

What Harold did (in no particular order because I'm extra lazy after all of this "winter break"ing with the kids):

He wrote on mirrors.(Not a fan since I hate cleaning mirrors.)
He showered.
He painted their noses red a la Rudolph. They were not amused and Big Kid wouldn't allow a photo because he was afraid I would put it on my blog. When little kid heard that he volunteered for a photo as long as I promised to put it on the blog.

Took a ride on the ceiling fan. 
Decorated with some lights.(It looked pretty dumb, he has no sense of decor.)
He replenished the advent calendar since I ate all of the advent calendar chocolate (no lie). 

 He enjoyed a burger and fries in the Christmas village. 

 He set up the Christmas train around the tree on the morning of Christmas Eve. (little kid gasped with wonder and joy when he saw this.) 

 He put on his Christmas sweater and joined us for Christmas eve. 

All in all, it was a very nice visit and we will mark that he was mostly good on our elf survey satisfaction form (honestly, this time). I think I heard the elves will only be coming for 2 weeks next year due to a shortage of workers at Santa's Village, and that's really too bad because we enjoy having him.

The note Harold left said: You boys are fun, I like it here, I wish I lived with you instead of reindeer. As you know, I'm not naughty. I'm nothing but nice, so I must get back to work, and the snow, and the ice. Thanks for the marshmallows, the memories, and oh-so-much joy. And also, please, do enjoy this new toy. (Mom and dad, don't be mad, I promise it isn't really that bad.)

He brought them laser tag--I usually don't do gun-type toys but since a magical Christmas elf brought them, I'm going to allow it this one time.

And here are people getting their favorite gifts:
 A Kindle Fire for lucky Big Kid.

And Cruncher the dinosaur for little kid. 

Oh, also, here is a photo of the Ugly Seagull's holiday entry. I did that all by myself, including getting out a tall ladder and climbing to the top, and carefully measuring strings and hanging those hanging ornaments. This is a big deal. I'll be sad to take them down (that's why I'll make Mr. Ashley do it).

Phew, am I glad we got that over with!! I've never been so on the ball for Christmas before; presents were wrapped ahead of time, house was spotless (for less than 24 hours) and holiday cheer was spread all around....but I needed a good week to week and a half long break after all of that non-procrastination. 

Now, I just have to name my favorite book of 2011 and we'll officially be done with last year! (But I'll do that later).


Sasha said...

Damn you are creative. Don't know if you saw, but our elf just arrived on the 23rd. I told the kids we were on a waiting list and it just took that long to get an elf for our house. Next year I promised to get our request in earlier. (And I hope they forget that promise)

Anonymous said...

Glad we could export our nondescript New England Adirondack chairs so you folks in Florida could paint 'em turquoise! Keep up the good work! --Sue in MA

Unknown said...

Sue, those things are a BITCH to paint. I'll never do that again. If I get tired of turquoise I'm just buying new (already painted) ones.

Sasha, that's really too bad. I hope we don't get affected by some elf waiting list mix up next year. That would be unfortunate. Really. It would. I swear. Yeah.

Julie H said...

I'm a little sad to see your Harold leave, he's been so entertaining!

My 12 year old and I both got Kindle's (my parents bought mine) and my 8 year old loves it as much as I do. They are a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Celine said...

I loved your Christmas rundown! That rocked and your elf stories were fabulous! I shared each one with my kids and they all laughed at every one!! Thank you for sharing, as always! :-)