Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Box Man

little kid started a cardboard box collection over the holidays. He inventoried and organized and stacked and assigned purposes for each box and there were boxes all over the house for a while. Finally I pointed out that some of the boxes were going to have to go.

"These are, like, perfectly good boxes."

"I'm not saying they're not, we just don't have room for them or a reason to keep them."

"Uh....we could store things in them. Duh," he answered, frustrated over my inability to see the advantages in having 15 assembled cardboard boxes on hand at all times. "Just put things inside the boxes!"

"That's a good idea. I'll have your dad take them to storage for you."

"See? It is a good idea. The boxes will store stuff in storage."

"Perfect," I said, looking forward to putting the boxes in "storage".

"When I'm growed up, I'm keepin' all my boxes with me all the times."

"Where will you put all of those boxes, though, if you keep every single box forever?"

"In my room."

Picturing myself on a future episode of Hoarders with him and a house full of boxes, I pointed out that his future wife might not want a bedroom full of boxes. "Your pretty wife might want a pretty bedroom," I pointed out.

He considered this for a moment, obviously still perplexed that his love of cardboard boxes isn't universal. "So...she won't like the boxes?"

"Maybe not. Probably not."

"Well....we'll work it out." He said with complete confidence.

Yeah. I'm sure she'll put the boxes in "storage" too. Which will work out fine.


Jessica said...

My son does this too, with boxes, artwork he's done, homework, etc. I wonder if all children start out as hoarders.

Celine said...

Very cute!! :-)