Thursday, January 12, 2012

Overheard from the Shower:

"Here's the soap, bro."

"little kid, I don't think we can use this. This soap says it's for men."


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,

this is not even a comment... I just saw this ( and I know you like things Disney and also you're into fashion. :) I thought it was kind of cool. Hope you like it.



Livie said...

Soon enough... (I've read your entire blog - started last December - so for me, they are growing up way too fast! lol). My own baby is turning one next month and it's breaking my heart he's already almost a toddler and so independent. :/

Unknown said...

Livie, your being here was meant to be! I'm actually surprising the boys with a disney trip next week and I'm ridiculously excited!! I'm also incredibly impressed you've read my whole life story ;-)

Thanks for commenting and thanks for the link!

Lin said...

Oh my goodness this is hilarious! haha