Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mouse House Creations

One of my cutest and craftiest friends is having a wreath giveaway on her blog. You should go enter and get you a wreath (except don't really win the wreath because I want to). Then you should look around at how talented and adorable and creative she is--it will make you want to puke. But then you'll remember me telling you that she is seriously one of the sweetest, funniest, coolest people and despite my near insane envy over her house/sewing/decorating/cute daughter (her son is cute too but I have two of those) she's impossible to dislike. Seriously impossible. (Which would be another reason to hate her if such a thing was even possible).

So go say hi to her and good luck winning (but not really).


Lisaboo said... took me just over a month of my maternity leave but I just read your entire blog, thanks to my iPhone I can read and hold the baby at the same time. But it makes it tough to comment one-handed as I am doing now. Sorry for not commenting more along the way and thanks for entertaining me while I had the time to devote. I hope to keep up once I return to work next month. I have two boys too...I relate! -lisaboo

Welcome to the Mouse House said...

you are the best Ashley :)

Vee said...

What have you been doing? Missing your blog updates!!

Auntie A said...

Hey Ashley - that is totally cool that you won the wreath giveaway - post a picture so we can all see what you decided to get :-)

Unknown said...

It's awesome that I won! I'm talking to her now about designing my wreath and she's so super nice and helpful! I never win anything, yay for me!