Friday, January 11, 2013

Good Words

I really like the it a comic or a blog? A comic blog? I'm sure there's a word for it. Let's call it a website.

Sometimes I let Big Kid read them (which is irresponsible parenting). It's to soothe his sad soul that Hyperbole and a Half stopped posting. He shouldn't be reading that either, but they are both his kind of funny, and it's just a few bad words. I'd be less likely to expose little kid to bad words but Big Kid loves and gets words, and knows not to use the bad ones. He's a more responsible word-user, I guess.

I have no idea why we're off on this tangent since I won't have Big Kid read this since it's more on the sad/poignant side, but I thought it was sweet, funny and beautifully written and wanted to share (and apparently needed to confess and defend my questionable parenting at the same time):

When Your House is Burning Down, You Should Brush Your Teeth


Steff said...

My future kids are so going to read stuff like that. I LOVE both of the artists you posted, and find a lot of the comics to be less inappropriate than, say, Captain Underpants! Good job on parenting.

Nikky said...

I love the Oatmeal. I lost the house that both my mom and I had grown up in to a fire when I was a teenager (our dryer overheated and lit the laundry pile on fire... and 6 kids is a lot of laundry). They rebuilt the inside since most of the outside was fine, but it never felt like my Grandma's house again. It was terrifying, my dad was asleep and it was me and my 3 toddler-age siblings. My 4 year old sister came and told me, and I remember my dad knocking out the basement window to try and use a garden hose, but he ended up falling down the stairs in the smoke.

Anyways. Long story about myself aside... humor absolutely took away the sting a little. We still make jokes about the towels not being freaking dry enough.

asnell said...

Thank you for sharing! I have really missed Hyperbole and a Half. :( So sad she stopped posting.

mom said...

that was crazy!

Lisalu said...

Parp? Parp!

Unknown said...

LOL, Lisalu, that's a family favorite!