Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Big Kid walked home from the bus stop alone today.

No, I have not progressed from a bus-fearing parent to a "walk yourself home, 6-year-old" type of parent in a few short months. Today was an early release day and I had no idea. I can't even say I forgot--I flat out had no idea.

Big Kid didn't go to school yesterday because he was sick and I know they are out of school on Friday. It also wasn't on the school sign and there are never early release days on a Tuesday.

I about had a heart attack when I heard the door open just after noon and his voice say, "Anybody home?" My mind was racing--was there an emergency? Was he sick? Who brought him home and how?

But he was alone, his smiling face in our foyer. "It was early release day! I figured you forgot so I dest walked on home."

My adrenaline was pounding in my ears as I asked if he had crossed any roads (no), talked to anyone (no), what he would have done if someone offered him a ride (screamed NOOOOO and ran away as fast as he could) and finally, if he was scared.

"Not at all," he answered,"I was happy. I picked you some flowers. I been tellin' you I can walk home alone." He offered me a crumpled handful of flower heads.

He has been telling me that he could walk himself, but I've been telling him no way. All of the "what ifs" of his adventure today scare me, but I am proud of him and a little bit glad he got to do it and prove he could do it. That being said, he's not doing it again until college.

We took advantage of our surprise extra time together by getting him a hair cut. He's still shaggy but looks good and was cracking me up as he regaled the stylist with his love for his favorite color, cerulean blue. He freaking loves him some cerulean blue. The stylist seemed amused but mostly confused.

Then, we went to the library. That's right--I've called a truce on my library war. And by calling a truce, I mean I paid them the money they claimed I owed them without protest. Mr. Ashley says this is the last time I get a library bail-out and that I need to make it work. I think I can this time, my new library branch doesn't appear to be managed by Satan's minions.


b said...

My oldest's previous school would do this, specifically her first "last day of school". No notice that it was only an hour long, so I get some sad phone call to come get her from the bus-stop, it was at a school and had a bus-lady thankfully! I would panic about my 10yo walking home alone.

Anonymous said...

im freakin obsessed with cerulean blue. I always have been.

Jennifer said...

"I am proud of him and a little bit glad he got to do it and prove he could do it. That being said, he's not doing it again until college."

That statement is so me. I'm pretty sure the "what ifs" would have brought on a panic attack.

Ned said...

Wow! I am proud of him. BUT I would have freaked out as well. Our school system won't let a kid off without someone over the age of 14 to meet them. They get taken back to school and someone must come pick them up. You don't know how often parents come to school pissed , swear they were at the stop or that the bus was early etc...

Mama Bee said...

This story freaks me out and Bee isn't even in preschool yet. I'm so getting one of those kiddie lo-jacks for her and not taking it off until she's...well...60. Or I'm dead. Whichever comes first.

Unknown said...

It's terrifying because if something had happened, I wouldn't even be missing him until around 4pm (4+ hours later). Luckily, we live in a very low traffic golf course community, he only had to walk 3 blocks and we have discussed what to do if he ever got off the bus and I wasn't there, so he was prepared. But it was scary (for me).

Ned, that rule is strict but it's a good one. I would rather they do that.

And I agree that cerulean blue is a very nice color.

Joy said...

Ok so maybe your Satanic librarians have moved to my neck of the woods because I called to renew some books before they were overdue and found out the DVD I borrowed was already over due and I owed them $7! WTF who has late fees like that?? I could go buy a new movie at Target for $5!

Shannon said...

Yep-as someone who works for a school district, I'm with Ned. Drivers are not to let children 2nd grade or younger off the bus w/o anyone present.
Glad he made it OK!!!

Caitlin said...

When I was about four, my mother picked up my various crayons saying "this is red...this is yellow...this is blue."

I looked up at her, scowled, and said "No, Mommy. That's cerulean." It's been one of my faves ever since.

Your son has excellent taste in color. If that made any sense whatsoever.