Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pet and Karate Kid

Okay, you guys are the best with the donations. Thank you, Big Kid is going to be so excited when he gets home and I tell him! I was going to bitch at you all about the ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE comments for the hamsters vs. the 6 or so comment average, but whatever, I'll let it slide. When the Ashley's Closet cruise happens though, you non-commenters will be sorry.

And the Zhu Zhu pets hamster goes to....drumroll please...Marissa from Albany, NY (chosen by random number generating website)! Email me your mailing address and I'll have Mr. Ashley mail it since my post office anxiety is at an all time high in December. I think post offices should have drive-up windows. They could have a package lane and a letter lane and tellers like at the bank. I'd still hate it, but way less.

We put our Christmas tree up, which was a real adventure thanks to little kid's help. Despite us telling him not to, he's been using the tree as a forest for his army men and pirates. He's also taken the extra pieces of the Christmas train's railroad tracks to prop up as ladders so that his men can climb up to the tree that way. Yesterday I pulled a medium-sized fake Poinsettia berry from his nose. It was up there pretty far. He said he was just trying to smell it.

He recently reported that he was fired from his job. I guess his work friends called and told him not to come to work anymore. He got a new job though, mostly working on monster trucks, and he's been doing some part time medical work on work friends in the play room. He needs scissors for that though, which has been a real problem since he's not allowed to use scissors. So far he's had every day off from both jobs, but I've still heard lots about both.

He's also become obsessed with the movie Karate Kid. I saw it twice yesterday and once already today. He's going to be pissed when he finds out that Netflix wants it back. I've had this song stuck in my head for a week:

(the cute cat video that accompanies the song is an unrelated bonus)

I can also do a mean crane kick.

I shouldn't complain because it's much better than the Black Stallion television series obsession.


Anonymous said...

where did the 'little kid tweets' link go?

Unknown said...

I took Big Kid's twitter link down since he wasn't really doing it, but just went to double check the link and see he wished the world a Happy Veteran's Day recently.


Jennifer said...

That up the nose stuff freaks me out. Our little one has done pretty good with the tree, except when the bigger one instigates and tries to get him to play with it.

Cosmos said...

The video was better than the song.

Colleen said...

LOL, that song is on my iPod! Not sure what that says about me...

Anonymous said...

Uhhh.. I hate to rain on anybody's parade.... I just stumbled across this article on CNN. WHat do you think? http://edition.cnn.com/2009/US/12/06/zhu.zhu.toys/index.html