Monday, February 28, 2011

Assisted Living

"Momma, you will never have to live in a cage," little kid told me earnestly, out of nowhere. "No. You will never, ever live in a small metal cage, never. You're a person. Not a dog."

"Well...thanks? I guess? I should get that in writing so you'll remember that when I'm old and unable to take care of myself.

"Old? You're not that old. Just a little old," he assured me.

"No. When I get old. So old I'll have to come live with you and your wife and you'll have to make me sandwiches."

"You'll have to call first."

"I'll have to call? Before I come live with you?" I asked, slightly offended although of course I'd call.

"You won't be livin' wif me! You'll be livin' at your own house. You have to call before you comes ober. I'll give you the password--just to visit. When you call."

"I can't live with you and your wife? But what about when I'm too old to live at my own house alone?"

"Then I guess you'll die?"

"...that's a plan."

Guess whose college fund is going straight into a retirement account?

Just kidding.

He doesn't have a college fund.


Lin said...

bwahaha...your posts always brighten up a crappy day, thanks!

Furiously Curious said...

Your last 2 posts have been 2 of your funniest ever. :)

Jennifer said...

Very cute! I think I would get that in writing if I were you.

Jennifer said...

My mom always asks my kids, "Are you going to take care of Nana when I get old?" Way to lay on the guilt mom.

Anonymous said...

This one totally cracked me up!! Thanks for the laughs!