Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Snooki is a New York Times best selling author, Larry the Cable Guy has a show on the History channel, all of MTV's shows are about fat and/or pregnant people and Justin Bieber is on CNN as often as Mubarak.


I know I tend to lean toward the dramatic, but I think the Mayans knew their shit. I think we'll implode by 2012.

Other than this dire realization, I'm having a great week. I got my hair done today, my funnest (it is a word) cousin is in town with her completely adorable baby, and I will be reunited with The Renee tomorrow and we will eat and go to the beach. Life is good. Today. And most likely tomorrow.

(and will probably continue to be at least moderately tolerable until we all blow up in a big fat ball of  vainglorious fire the same color as Snooki's spray tan. Sometime around 2012 according to me and the Mayans.)


Unknown said...

I secretly watch "My Life as Liz" on MTV every time it's on. I don't watch the Jersey Shore though; they frighten me.

Wanna Be Iron Mommy said...

I must learn to not be drinking anything when I read your blog. Coffee almost made it out of my nose onto the keyboard.

Thanks for an early morning laugh!

Sasha said...

The Renee!!!! How the heck is she? I have some friends I need to be reunited with... Slim, namely. As we get older and our kids get older, I am seeing less and less of Old Friends and I hate that.

Jennifer said...

It is pretty sad that people are more obsessed with the latest celebrity news than they are with the economy. Makes me a little ill.

Not the Anti-Christ, I swear said...

I see someone hasn't yet seen Never Say Never! I'm telling you, it's an eye-opener. This is one hell of a talented kid.

Unknown said...

I agree that the Biebs is talented and I actually like some of his songs (much to Big Kid's dismay because he HATES the Biebs), but I still don't think he's national news-worthy.

Sasha, The Renee is as awesome as ever. I'll be so sad when she leaves!