Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Creative Writing

Big Kid is in 2nd grade now and they have started (attempting) to teach them creative writing.

Despite being creative, Big Kid lacks imagination. He agonizes over his writing prompts, baffled over what it is the teacher is looking for or complaining over her insistence that he write more than 2 sentences. Today's writing prompt involved what life would be like if we lived underwater and he couldn't figure out how he could write a full entry about how we would be drowned and could never survive those conditions.

This is his brainstorming list:

List of ideas for my asinment:
There once was a town called __________. They would wear air tanks and it would be hard to sleep and they couldn't drink water and they could not be able to use paper and they would no be able to use electoronics and they couldn't
Mr. Ashley tried to explain that this wasn't really what the teacher was looking for and suggested that he pretend we had adapted to underwater life. Clearly this presented a challenge for poor practical Big Kid:

There was a town called Watersong. I lived there and it was hard to live in Watersong. First I tried to eat a sandwich. But it got all soggy and wet. Next I went outside to walk my fish Murphy. The mailman came by and I ran away because Murphy would start to bark. Then I pounded a fish bowl and it was completly fine. Its owner was very mad. After that a stingray stinged me. Great Neptune that hurt! Last I tried to take a nap. I couldn't.
I still don't think this is quite what his teacher is looking for, but I also doubt she'll be surprised.

(And it is creative.)


Jennifer said...

Oh but.. "Great NEptune, that hurt!" was a TOTALLY AWESOME line! Maybe there is hope for him after all.

Anonymous said...

Let LK dictate the story to BK. That'd be VERY interesting. Kerry.

Jennifer said...

That's hilarious. Sometimes it is hard to have an imagination.

Cindy said...

I LOVE the second draft. I think it's very entertaining. :)

Lin said...

That's hilarious & very very creative :)

Renee said...

I love this! Can't wait to hang out with Big Kid and the rest of y'all next week. ;)

-The Renee