Saturday, August 13, 2011

Good Things

I don't normally post things like this but feel bad for not posting this one sooner. A friend of mine is adopting a little boy with special needs from Russia. They are a nice family who live in a beautiful neighborhood and this child would be blessed to have them (and them him, I'm sure!).

When I finally move to Charlotte, I'm going to move into her neighborhood and we're going to be anti-social neighbors who only communicate via Facebook messages. I can't wait!

Anyway, she's having a raffle-type fundraiser with some really great prizes. You could win a Wii bundle, a nook, an ipod Touch, a GPS and there's a ton of great etsy-type stuff with some fabulous jewelry. I can't wait to win the ipod Touch! I don't have an i-anything. You buy entries by donating to this very good cause of helping bring Andriy to his loving new home.

Here's the link if you have an extra $5 and feel like doing a good deed (and maybe winning something--but not the ipod!)


Amanda said...

Thanks Ashley!! You are welcome to come to Ihop with us anytime ;o) Wait then I would have to talk to you........Hey I am not even your facebook friend:p Did you know my dog likes to potty in my neighbors yards?!

Unknown said...

I promise not to throw bags of dog crap in your yard, because I'm a good neighbor like that! I think eventually we'll be good with talking in person, but all plans will be made via text/FB and yes, we'll have to be FB friends!

bootsie q. mcgromblestein said...

dude, you don't THROW the bags of dog crap. you leave them neatly tied up near the mailbox, then act like she's crazy to be upset about it.

my former supervisor has dystonia and she and her husband adopted a little girl last year from estonia who may have the same condition (among many other needs). it's really really sweet to see how much they care about her. i am happy for your friend and the little boy they'll be bringing home soon.