Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear little kid,

Today you are 5. That is big stuff. Despite your small body and the fact that you still say "tup tup" instead of ketchup (and I'll never correct your pronunciation, because your way is better), you are becoming a big boy.

Even with only 5 short years of life experience, you are an inspiration to me daily. You face every challenge and situation with courage and charisma, you are charming and funny, you are quick and bright, you make friends easily, and you have a twinkle in your eye at all times. I wish I could be more like you.

The day before kindergarten started you told me,"I'm gonna do good in school. My teatser's gonna like me and I'm gonna do real good."

"That's true!" I agreed, delighted by your enthusiasm and confidence.

"You know how I know that?"  I asked how you knew.

"'cuz I'm so cute!!" You answered, beaming.

I explained that that wasn't how school worked, how you had to try your hardest and do your best and behave at all times, and you followed up with, "Yeah...but bein' cute doesn't never hurt. Trust me on this one."

And I do trust you on that one. But I also know that being cute is among the least of your defining qualities. You're a cool guy with a big heart and matching personality; you will have a good life because you'll make it that way. You bring an untold amount of joy to our family each and every day, just this afternoon Big Kid listed you as Most Important Person in the World in a school assignment. You are such an important person in our world and we have been blessed to have you here for these 5 short years.

And yes, you are cute and that never does hurt.

I like you, I love you and I'll always protect you,
(The best job title I could ever have)


Julie H said...

Happy birthday to Little Kid!!

Jessica said...

Happy birthday, Little Kid!

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday LK! You really are adorable, and just fantastic in so many ways.

Sasha said...

Happy birthday LK!

Auntie A said...

Your baby is growing up too fast!

PS - is that your back yard - if so I am extremely jealous!!

PSS - Remember how you said you thought you might go back to school - check out Andrew Jackson University ( - awesome school with great (and I mean GREAT) tuition fees (like unlimited classes for a dirt cheap fee each semester) and it is all online so if you move to NC you can take it all with you!!

C. said...

Well, I can't have you hating me so I will have to comment. Love this post. He's right- he's pretty darn cute! My girl is going through this period where she says things twice. It seems like it would be annoying to hear "Hi, Hi." But I know it won't last forever and its so sweet coming out of her mouth. (I cam over from Melanie's blog.)

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

He has cute down to a science!!

Happy Birthday, Little Kid!!!