Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weared Out

Big Kid: Maybe I'll be a teacher when I grow up! I could teach 3d animation modeling to college kids. Is there teachers for that?

Me: I guess there must be.

little kid: That's hard work, bro. It's a tough job bein' a teatser.

Big Kid: What do you know about it? You know NOTHING about it, bro.

little kid: I know it really weareds a lotta people out. Teatsers are always weared out!

Big Kid: Dude, you know nothing about teachers. You've had what, one teacher in your whole life? I've had a bunch of them, like all kinds. And I'm talkin' college kids, they're like growed ups. I don't think they're wearin' their teachers out.

little kid: I had 3 teatsers and they was all weared out. I know all about teatsers. It's not a job you want to do, bro, I'm just sayin'.

I kind of agree with little kid but I didn't interject.


Jennifer said...

Is it okay that I think it is funny that LK knows that all of his teachers are "weared" out? So sweet.

AmandaL said...

I'm a college teatser, and my kids wear me out all the time! Some of them forget that they're supposed to be adults by then.

Heidi Robinson said...

I can always count on Little Kid for a laugh! And I needed one today.

Nikky said...

I'm impressed. I decided to be a teacher when I was 7, my reasoning being that if the teacher was never going to freaking call on me I'd get my OWN chalkboard to write on, damnit. I'm in school for it now, just in time for everyone to switch to dry erase boards.

Theresa said...

My friend is teaching a 3d art class at a college this year. Amazingly they do have teachers for that!

MTGrace said...

little kid is so smart. My mom and my sister were both teatsers, and they were both weared out on a regular basis.