Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Future Mrs. Amazon

If was a person, I'd marry it and have its babies.

I can truly say that I have never, ever had an issue with any transaction from them. I've used them for years, used to have a Prime membership, they are the glue that holds my UPS guy and I together--we've been through a lot and they've had plenty of opportunities to screw up, but never have.

Today little kid came home and dropped his new Kindle Fire HD, which resulted in one small hairline crack all the way across the front. I'm having a really crappy week (month? year?), little kid needs the Kindle Fire for school (which is complete lunacy, that they have 7-year-olds bringing in their own tablets but that's another post) and I could not replace it on my own any time soon.

I contacted customer service and asked if I could pay them to replace the screen or if such a thing was even possible.

They asked if he'd dropped it. I already told them that he dropped it. Knowing it was our own fault and we were out of luck for the warranty, I again admitted that he dropped it.

"Well, that is not a warranty issue since it was dropped," he began. I was about to clarify that I knew we were at fault and were willing to pay and he added, "but as a one time exception, we will replace it free of charge."


Amazon and I would have beautiful babies.

(And I'd probably get a free Prime membership out of the deal.)

Edited to add: The Kindle Fire was on my doorstep the next morning. I contacted them at 3pm on Thursday and had it by 10am on Friday. That's magic!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

This is sort of off topic but do you use Swagbucks? I only ask because my entire reason for using it is to earn free gift cards to Amazon. You use it the same way you would google. This is a blog post where I explained the ins and outs. Again, don't worry about it if you're not into it. But I've been using it for years instead of google and earn free gift cards to Amazon so often that I buy all sorts of Christmas gifts for free that way. Which always feels more exciting.

So happy Big Kid is loving his new school! He's adorable in his new uniform.


ms vic said...

I agree about Amazon and its customer service. When I first heard Amazon was buying out Zappos I was worried their customer service would suffer, but it seems like Amazon has embraced the Zappos business model for customer service and their core values to a certain extent.

Now maybe you should order little kid a Kindle case from Amazon to help protect the new one.

ms vic

Jessica said...

They have been super good about replacing our Kindles, too. I think one is out of warranty now, and I'm pretty sure they've replaced it since the warranty lapsed. That was a battery issue, though.

The only thing they've done that annoyed me was made us pay for return shipping when we were sent the wrong item. But that was an Amazon seller and not Amazon, so I guess I understand.

If you don't have a case, I highly recommend the Ballistic Tough Jacket cases. My kids drop the Kindles all the time and the cases make it so it doesn't leave a mark.

Karen said...

I agree that Amazon rocks! I too have never had a problem with them and also have and love my Prime membership. I use My Points to earn some gift cards but I also have them as the number one things on my Christmas list!

duhneese said...

What a fantastic early birthday present!!! Hope your day is awesome and you find some great cat food reviews. :)

Sasha said...

I pink puffy heart Amazon, but you already know that. They are the glue that hold me and Lee (my UPS guy) together too!

SuperCutePetContest said...

Amazon really is the best. I've never ever had a problem either! <3!

Anonymous said...

We have this in pink for my daughters, and it is fantastic! It has survived many drops, and one trip down steps, and for what it saves you it is reasonably priced, double bonus it came from amazon :)

Marware Swurve Kid Proof Case for Kindle Fire HD 7" (Previous Generation), Black


Anonymous said...

Get a square trade warranty on the replacement.

Anonymous said...

:-/ did you get paid to write this..? be honest!

Unknown said...

No, I didn't get paid to write it! In fact, I'm not sure Amazon would want me to publicize that they occasionally ship brand new equipment out to people who broke theirs. I always put "sponsored" in the tags if I'm paid.

But, little kid managed to scratch the screen of his new Fire, so I'm really out of luck now. (And yes, a case and screen protector is en route and has been since we knew the new one was coming...I shouldn't have let him touch it.)

Unknown said...

But, if Amazon offered me a paid writing opportunity, have no doubts at all that I'd take it.

(And I am an amazon affiliate for the books in my sidebar, which nets me a grand total of about $4 per year.)

Julie H said...

That's fantastic! I've had them replace one already (just the first Kindle Fire). I've been thinking about trying to get them to replace another one since it's hard to get it to charge. Maybe they can give me an upgrade to the new one ;)