Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cat's Meow

All in all, we are in kitty paradise over here.

Calvin can barely move without being smothered in kisses or having his preciousness exclaimed over. Dom loves to be stroked and will (briefly) tolerate a hug. I'm so glad we got two--a crazy cat lady needs more than one and their personalities are so different.

We all still miss Pearl. little kid frequently asks about when we will get her ashes and says he just misses her and wants them. Tonight Big Kid cried at bed time, breaking down and sobbing, "My best friend is dead and now I have none. I have to sleep alone forever," which killed me. Unfortunately, the kitties do what they want and if they do sleep in the boys' room, they like little kid's bed. It's kind of a problem.

As much as I love holding the new kitties, sometimes I worry that they are making me forget how she felt. Sometimes I lie still and try to make myself remember how light she was in my arms or how it felt when she purred or the way she always smelled nice despite having questionable hygiene. In the morning Calvin wakes me by chewing on my face or being suspiciously absent and obviously up to trouble, and it's wonderful, but not quite the same as being loved awake each day. Especially at 5:30am.

We love the kitties. Overall we're happy (sometimes I sit for hours with a purring cat on each side of me, so warm and glad that I could explode) but we're also still sad. At least now we have hope...and a lot more to keep up with.

And this week we'll start talking about things that aren't cats, I promise. I am a little worried that anyone who has recently encountered me on instagram or twitter thinks I exclusively post about cats.


Rena said...

Post about your cat love all you want!! I still miss my girl Selma and it's been 8 months and I still have her younger buddy. He's 12 and been told he can't die.

Jamie said...

I wonder if there is a blog out there, by a cat lady, specifically about cats only. I may have to find it...

Unknown said...

Thanks, Rena! I hope Selma's brother lives an abnormally long life!!

Jamie, I follow a lady on twitter whose bio seemed pretty normal (which is why I followed her) but who only posts about Dr. Phil. All day, every day, as if she is a very important part of a conversation that I can't figure out if is even actually happening. She also has probably 20x the followers I do. It's all confounding, but I've been wondering if I'm morphing into the cat version of her.

Unknown said...

Inspired by your post, I have acquired a second cat. Her name is Lily and my son thinks she's his personal cat.