Friday, September 6, 2013


So, guess what my newest writing gig is? You're never going to guess.


No, seriously. For real. Quit laughing.

When I was originally approached about it, I was intrigued but concerned.

"Have you actually read my blog?" I asked before committing. "I'm not exactly...motivational. Or managing my time well." (Which was probably already indicated to them by my slow response time.)

I'm not my own best endorsement, in case you hadn't picked up on that.

They knew. They didn't care. They liked me anyway. They said they knew what they were getting into and that I was allowed to be funny. The other contributors are all super duper inspirational and on top of their game so I guess they had room to risk it.

And that's how I became a contributor for the new Whytime App! They featured information from an interview with me on their website and I think it's the fanciest thing that is about me on the whole wide internet--you can see it here.

(I took that photograph using my camera's self-timer in my backyard. If you ever need an exercise in humility, there's your assignment. I think this is the second time ever I've shared a picture of myself here.)

But enough about me. Even more delightful than all of the flattery, the app and I are a perfect match. Well, the app and the Woman I Want to Be are, and her and I have a date to meet back up one of these days here soon. Anyone who has been reading for a while knows that I love a new life plan but I have commitment issues. My favorite part of a new plan is making the lists and checking the boxes but then I get overwhelmed with all of that stuff to do and feel defeated, which leads to me doing even less. It's exhausting to be this unproductive.

 The best thing about the Whytime App is that it focuses on making time for yourself a priority--so you get all of the joy of an accomplished to do list along with the pleasure of scheduling a promise to take care of yourself and actually following through with it. The way I look at it, at least I would get the "me" stuff done and then every to do list would seem slightly more complete, and maybe I'll be more eager to actually consult my to-do list if there are things I want to do on it.

The whole app is very streamlined, smart, simple and satisfying. You can find it here on itunes.

We're also going to give one away, so enter below! You can enter 3 different ways, but you don't have to.

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I have fallen off of the cleaning/organizing/scheduling wagon lately and I'm hoping this will be the tool that helps me get everything back together.

Fingers crossed.


Barbara said...

Congrats on the new gig, it sounds fun!

Nancy said...

Well, you're absolutely darling. How you resist the temptation to post selfies all day long is beyond me! ;)

Unknown said...

Okay, I can totally see you in the pictures you've posted of big kid!!

Anonymous said...

Now I know where Big Kid gets his cute grin! Good job, Ashley!

Amy and Scott said...

"It's exhausting to be this unproductive." Look at you! You have your first motivational quote and you didn't even mean to....or did you?!?! Good luck!

Cassadie said...

Okay, confession time. I followed the link just to see a picture of you... Had no idea you were so gorgeous! You write with such humility and self-deprecation that I pictured you as more of a soccer mom and less of a supermodel. Congrats on the new gig!

Unknown said...

'Laughter is the best medicine.' WhyTime is lucky and grateful to have you! xo

Cindy * GoodHaus Design said...

Oh dear God, I finally got to see your face. I had a feeling you were blonde and pretty, and I was right... but I'm kinda freaked out about knowing what you look like. And that Big Kid looks just like you! Sweet!

Oh, and the app would be cool too. ;) Congrats on the gig! xo

kristin said...

Is it ok to say that you look nothing like what I thought you would look like? I still love you inappropriately so we should be all good! Congrats on the new gig!

Cindy * GoodHaus Design said...

Me again. I swear I saw those eyes in my dreams last night. That's not weird, right?

(Don't worry, I live far, far away.)

Jamie said...

uuum, WOW. You are a damn supermodel like someone above said. With the amount of times you've told us you were socially awkward and spend so much time with your head in a book - I pictured you pretty but WOW, just wow. And holy cow is BK your little mini-me, lol.

Unknown said...

LOL, I'm going to have to post the out takes of that self-portrait session to squash this supermodel talk. And thanks everyone for saying Big Kid looks like me--everyone that knows us says they both look like Mr. Ashley but I know Big Kid is mine.

Cindy, I like anyone who likes me, creepy or not, so dream on. ;-)

And thank you, Meriam! It's a lot of fun for me too!

Anonymous said...

Geez, somewhere along the line you posted that you were petite (are there short supermodels?), blond, and little kid thinks you are the prettiest mom ever. So, what's so startling to me are the bluest of eyes. Great eyes! Thanks for the surprise. --Sue in MA

Unknown said...

Too cute! I can totally see you in Big Kid!!

Congrats on the new job!

Bethany said...

Congrats on the job! I totally want to look into that app, just because you're doing it!

Auntie A said...

I think you are beautiful and your comments are so much funnier than the other "content partners" they have. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself,