Tuesday, April 15, 2014

little bits of little kid

"Tatoes! How many tatoes could there be for there to be a whole tato store? That is ridiculous, a store full of potatoes." little kid declared on the drive home yesterday.

"That's a tattoo shop."

"Well, that makes more sense."

Later that day, I heard him tell Big Kid: "You're a jerk. Don't worry, it's in our family. It was passed down from our ancestors."

I didn't correct him, because he's right. IT'S OUR HERITAGE. Big Kid wasn't mad either, probably for the same reason. It's his destiny to be a jerk.

and then this morning, little kid suggested IHOP for Easter breakfast because it's in keeping with an Easter Bunny theme. I don't know if that's actually funny or not, but it cracked my ass up. 

He makes me laugh, and makes me want to strangle people, every single day.

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Samma said...

Your boys are amazing.