Thursday, April 10, 2014

No White Lies

"Does my hair look too blonde?" I asked little kid when I returned from the salon.

"Up front it is. Like here and here," he pointed to the sections I thought looked too blonde. "I'm sorry, don't look mad, you asked. Bubby, come look at mom's hair. Is it too blonde?"

"Too blonde...?" Big Kid began cautiously, sizing me up, looking more into my eyes than my hair.

"See here and here, bubby?" little kid pointed out my problem areas.

"Mom, I think it looks...gooood." Big kid said with a false chipper tone that indicates lying."You look nice with white hair."


"You look like Elsa from Frozen!" little kid added.

I frowned.

"What's wrong, mom? Elsa is a PRINCESS! You like princesses! You like to be a princess!" Big Kid exclaimed. "I think you look pretty with white hair, white hair is really cool."

 So I guess there's my answer, my hair is too light since I was not going for Disney snow princess or whatever the hell Elsa is. 

I love and hate how I can count on their honesty.

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Julie H said...

My eldest always just says "OMG your hair!" and I nod and say I know, I know haha