Friday, November 9, 2007

Listen Closely

Do you hear that, my friends? It's the sweet, sweet sound of FREEEEDOM!!

I've decided to leave for Miami tonight, because Catfish wants me to. If the bride wants you to do something, you pretty much have to do it, so I am leaving behind my dirty house and loud children to sit on her couch and drink wine in her childless South Beach condo. A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

We were hoping to hook up with some Aqua Dots so that we could recreate our old Miami weekends, you know, when life was exciting and glamorous and a little hazy through all the drugs. No such luck though. However, I think being kid-free will be very similar to being in a drugged state of euphoria and I'm looking forward to it.

I should have left 10 minutes ago, so this has to be goodbye. Think of me.


Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT time!!!

Sasha said...

Have fun and be careful! (That is so MOM of me!)

Danielle said... jealous! Wish I was in a kid-free-induced state of euphoria right now. Guess I'll have to settle for, I mean wine!

X said...

Enjoy! Wish it were me-- trust me on this one.

Have a alcohol+drug infused blast! Get wasted, go skiing if the tray passes you by, and do your best to avoid the atypical lesbo-compromising situation that arises when girls and alcohol join hands. ;-)

Seriously, and with all kidding aside, have a perfectly lovely time. :-)

Ms. Skywalker said...

I'll think of you.

And then remind myself that I just told you jealousy is a disease.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea I would be drunk on the excitement of being kid free and having no boring adult responsibilities! I am Totally Jealous!!!!! I am sure you will have a blast


Rebecca said...

On my weekly Target run, the Hubby asked me to see if I could still buy some Aquadots and bring them home....for later. I hope that they had been pulled from the shelves, because if not there's some college boy with an awful lot of GHB hitting the clubs tonight!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea "the_joyus_quintet" was so wise...almost beyond her years. (not like I know how old she is...just you know, it's as though she can see the future--I should have read this on Friday)