Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back Scratcher

This morning the boys were playing video games in bed while I woke up. Big Kid was at the end of the bed playing and little kid was lying against my back, watching his brother play.

"little kid, will you scratch my back for me?"


"I will, mom!" Big Kid offered.

"No, Big Kid! I got dis! The situation is taken care of!" little kid replied, sounding angry.

I waited a few seconds before asking, "So are you going to scratch my back, little kid?"

"No! And Imma make sure Big Kid don't either! I don't wanna but I'm not lettin' him do it!"

Thanks, little kid.

My back is still itchy.


Anonymous said...

He's probably still mad that you won't let him poop standing up ;)

Anonymous said...

What happened to your hedge hog?

Always Pretty in Pink said...

Aww. Better luck next time. :)

Unknown said...

I still have Reggie the Hedgie and he's doing fine. He's really no trouble at all, so you all don't hear about him much. He is a tad anti-social so we don't hang out like we used to but everyone seems fine with this. He's not mean or anything, he just really likes being in his cage doing his own thing. I'll post pics of him soon!

Julie H said...

Nothing like a little sibling rivalry in the morning!