Monday, July 12, 2010

Ninja Poop

Big Kid misheard the word "nincompoop" somewhere and has been calling little kid "ninja poop" lately.

I haven't bothered to correct him because ninja poop is one of the most amusing insults I've ever heard.

I also don't care that name-calling is against the rules when it's something that funny.


Mommy Wishdom said...

Standing in line at Traget today my little one was copying his brother and doing ninja moves. He tried to chop the lady standing behind us in the knee. I apologized and explained that his father tells the kids they are ninja's. We should hook you guys up. : )

shelly said...

OMG, that's perfect! And so funny. Your label says it all, and it's the same at our house!

Anonymous said...

I knew an adorable 3 year old whose parents' favorite word was "douchebag" ... which doesn't go over so well in a preschool setting. Imagine the relief when she MOSTLY forgot her newest vocabulary word ... its so much cuter when she calls her classmates or little sister "juicebox"

Theresa said...

I cannot stop laughing about this one. We may need to institute Ninja Poop as an insult in our house. So freakin' funny.

Renee said...

That is awesome. :)

In the movie Spy Kids, one of the characters starts to curse but then says "shitake mushrooms" to cover up her curse word. The kids heard this as "shit-talking mushrooms" and now when they want to curse, they exclaim "talking mushrooms!" :)

-The Renee