Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's for Lunch?

"Some people's moms are dead and den no one's bossin' 'em around! My wook fwiends moms is dead, they's got no one bossin' 'em!" little kid announced.

This is a recurring theme, his imaginary friends and their dead mothers. Sometimes they have mothers that let them do crazy shit, like bake cupcakes every single day and frost them by themselves. Sometimes they are adults who can do whatever they want. But often their mothers are dead or have died recently.

"little kid, do you know how sad you would be if I died? You started to cry when I came back from my 3 hour hair appointment today because you had missed me so much. If I was dead you could never talk to me, hug me, kiss me, snuggle me, play with me--nothing, ever again. You would miss me forever."

"Well...I could talk to ya when you was up wif God. Pippi Longstocking talks to her mumum and she's dead. I'd get to see ya when I go up wif God, too."

"But I could never talk back. I couldn't be here for you during your life. You'd be talking to me and missing me, but you wouldn't get to see me or be with me again for a very, very long time. It would be very sad for you, little kid."

He looked pensive. "Yeah, a little bit sad. Dere would be no lunch."

Detecting the pissed off look on my face, he started to talk about how much his work friends missed their dead mothers. I just sort of ignored him, so he paused for a moment and then went on to mention how his work friends still got lunch since they still had dads.

"It's a good thing I got's a dad, dontcha think?" he finished.


Gertie said...

I blame Disney. They're always killing off the mothers. Look how those characters turned out with just their dads. Good thing they had fairy godmothers, dwarves and crabs to fix their problems.

Unknown said...

June, your comment made me realize that we have been watching a lot of movies where the mom dies lately. Not only Disney but also Annie and Pippi Longstocking, among others. Maybe that's where this fixation comes from.

Now if I could just get a fairy godmother, some dwarves or a crab to deal with him...

AnastasiaBeaverhousen said...

Bambie, Ice Age, Land Before Time.....its always the moms going to that big lunchroom in the sky. I am not sure if we should be flattered that it creates a sad, dramatic story or if we should be bitter that they are always killing us off. Things that make you go hmmmmmm..... oh, and thanks for the Silence of the Lambs story - only I am now saying it to myself when applying lotion after the shower :)

Drew's Mom said...

Pure comedy... why is it always ok for the mom to die, but never dad? Let dad make lunch for awhile and then he'll really be missing mom! Lol

Former Fat Chick said...

good luck on being fed by Dad! Also, in Spanish the word for StepMother is Madrastra- and is always portrayed as EVIL (in Disney) when I told my 4 yr old step son I was his "madrastra" he started to cry and say "noooo, it's not true"

Julie H said...

Everytime my husband makes lunches for the kids I hear all about how he :gasp: "didn't cut the sandwich right"