Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Time

Next time 4th of July rolls around and I want to buy fireworks, just encourage me to light $30 on fire and throw it into the driveway. I don't know if it's because all of the fun fireworks are illegal where we live or what, but fireworks are never as enjoyable as I expect them to be and I forget this every year.

We had a rainy 4th of July and Mr. Ashley was on call for work, so it was hard to have any kind of crazy fun. We went swimming once the rain cleared and walked down to the lake to feed the ducks before lighting some stuff on fire and going inside for ice cream sundaes.

Not much else to report here. I've been really surprised by how quickly summer is passing. Remember how long summer felt when you were little? What happened to that? I've been having such a great time with the boys that I really dread the start of the school year. Yeah, the free time will be great but the homework and the laundry and the lunch-packing is a big fat hassle.

Also, a new school year means that people are growing up, and that makes me a little bit sad. Okay, it makes me a lot sad! I just want time to slow down, is that too much to ask?


Jennifer said...

No, it really isn't too much to ask. It would be nice if we could slow down the really great times and speed up the harder ones.

Joy said...

mine is gonna be a 3rd grade this year! which means he will be on the big kid side of school which means he must be one of the big kids! and yea momma is having issues

Anonymous said...

I want to freeze time too! Twins go to high school this year and baby in 3rd grade. I am soooo sad. It's hard sending them off knowing that they will now be facing some BIG decisions.

AnastasiaBeaverhousen said...

Due to the snow, our kids didn't get out of school until the 18th so I'm still in "new" summer mode and loving it. But everywhere has their freaking back to school crap out and I am getting flyers and catalogs left and right. Let me enjoy my summer for one minute people! I'll buy all the back to school stuff I am required AUGUST. Sheesh. and my dollar store will have their Christmas stuff out Labor Day weekend which pisses me off to no end. STOP. RUSHING. THE. DAMN. YEAR!!!!!