Saturday, October 30, 2010

Allowed for Now

My kids are using two of the blankets from my bed to slip and slide across the living room floor. It's a problem because:

1. I don't really want my blankets to get dirty.
2. This seems a little dangerous.
3. There is a decent chance that something of mine will get broken.
4. They are loud.

But I'm allowing it because we're having a Halloween party tomorrow and I have stuff to do. Two blankets seems like a minimal amount of mess (unless something breaks, but life is about taking chances) and they are entertaining each other. This is one of little kid's least dangerous ideas, so I'm going to let them slide.

(I'm only on the internet to get a recipe real quick. I swear. I'm not also checking Facebook, my email, my blog and a few of my favorite websites. At all.)


The Lovely One said...

My kids insist on playing with the blankets from my bed on the living room floor, too! Heaven forbid they get a blanket off their own beds!!

Wanna Be Iron Mommy said...

Sometimes, you gotta let them be loud. I just haven't been able to figure out when that is.

A Halloween party. Better you than me.

Unknown said...

I had an incredible headache today, and I allowed my youngest to unroll an entire roll of Scotch tape just to keep him amused for a while.

Anonymous said...

What did your kids dress up as for Halloween? Post pics! I made the most fabulous Carmen Miranda outfit for Gi (I costume professionally) 10 yards of ruffles and a fruit bowl hat. I almost wore the hat to my other job... Kerry

Laura Marchant said...

You do what you got to do to get things done. That's my motto around here, lol

Kristen Howard Photography said...

Four days with no CLOSET...we miss you