Tuesday, October 26, 2010


You know how I was promising and promising you all last week that I was really super, duper happy and my depressing temporary blog layout change didn't reflect my personality at all?

Well, once again, God must read my blog because He went ahead and put a quick end to the happiness. The grand culmination of Hell Week being that my laptop is now one giant, virus-infected paperweight--and that's the least of my problems.

(Even though I feel like I'm missing a limb without it and that is a pretty big problem.)

I have floors to mop for my nerd herd meeting this afternoon and no laptop to sit around on all day, so I can't even tell you that Big Kid is worried about his cholesterol or that little kid's snail collection is loose in the house.

You better miss me terribly.


Jennifer said...

Snails? In the house? That sounds... interesting. I hope you get your computer repaired soon. I feel like we are missing out on a ton of stories.

Cindy said...


sherri said...

Hee hee...snails and cholesterol. You crack me up! :-) Sorry about the laptop!