Saturday, October 9, 2010

Zero Gravity

Big Kid just came into my room, eyes watering and lip trembling, to tell me in a breaking, squeaking little voice that he's scared.

"What are you scared of?" I asked.

"That gravity will go away," he cried.

He's so worried about it he can't sleep and he never wants to watch his favorite science show again because they showed astronauts in zero gravity and it really upset him. This wasn't a getting-out-of-bed tactic either, homeboy was genuinely afraid gravity would cease to exist and his stomach was hurting over the thought.


Gravity? Seriously? One of the few things in the world that you can count on?

He came home from school the other day highly disturbed about a poem they had read about a baby eating a microchip and catching a virus. He couldn't stop thinking that the baby could possibly be deleted this way and he thought I should call his teacher and suggest they not read poems like this anymore because it could really freak kindergartners out. (I declined on making that call.)

Although comical in a "What in the world?" kind of way, I'm worried that his little brain is wearing him out. He's been dealing with some anxiety issues lately; he got in trouble with us (hardly, he really never gets in trouble) for slacking off in school a bit and became so stressed out over it I was afraid his teachers would think we were beating him.

Gravity may be here to stay, but I do worry about him keeping both feet on the ground.


Jennifer said...

Awww.. I love his little mind. What a smartie!

nova said...

That's fantastic! If he keeps thinking "what if", who knows where it'll take him!

Anonymous said...

Try reading the book "What To Do When You Worry Too Much" with him. It gives lots of ideas on how to handle worries.

Martha said...

OMG. That's a smart kid. Just keep an eye on him. Does he believe you when you tell him gravity won't cease?

Charity said...

Sounds like my middle child, Austin who is in the 4th grade. She is super smart(tutors peers), funny, beautiful(seriously..long red hair, perfect pale skin)talented, athletic ... just the perfect kid really. The problem is she internalizes too much and it's starting to cause her digestive issues. It was recommended that I get her in some counseling because "Type A" kids tend to be hard on themselves and could self destruct in high school or college. We let her be herself, she is a free spirit, but she pushes herself too hard sometimes. She just needs help reminding herself that having flaws is a good thing.

Jennifer said...

Well if he will walk into a room by himself he's better off than Baby Girl. She is afraid of EVERYTHING. I hope no one tells her about gravity.

Anonymous said...

Send BK to my husband. He'll go over the math with him so he'll be reassured that the sky will not fall. Really, this kind of thing goes on here all the time. Kerry

Anonymous said...

Totally off topic- since you're a family of readers, I thought I'd pass on this link: ,just in case you hadn't heard of it... :o)

bugs mom said...

I'm taking my 7 year old to counseling once a week for anxiety - it's getting seriously out of hand. I can't even get her to take piano or any other activity where she has to be away from home and with new people. She gets all upset and cries hysterically until she hyperventilates. I'M taking medication just to deal with her and her issues! (and also her almost 2 year old brother who gives me a heart attack on a daily basis, but I digress.....)