Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Parenting PSA

I have shared a lot of good parenting tips with you throughout the years. Mostly about what not to do, but still, that counts as valuable information.

So as your honest friend and trusted adviser, I feel obliged to share my latest and most important discovery with you:


Now wait for it--hear all of those people disagreeing? Those people tsk tsking and saying that's not true and that volunteering is rewarding and fun and totally worth it?


Reading books is rewarding, fun and totally worth it. Going to the beach is rewarding, fun and totally worth it. Getting a pedicure is rewarding, fun and totally worth it. Shopping without kids around is rewarding, fun and totally worth it. Hanging out with your own kids is rewarding, fun and totally worth it.

Dealing with other people's kids for free? Not so much.

Yeah, you have to do something if you want to be a good mom. So show up for the class parties, donate some paper plates (if you bring Zoo Pals you'll be an instant celebrity) and call it a day.

You'll be the tannest, smartest mom there.

And I know--a lot of you will have to learn the hard way regardless of this Public Service Announcement because that's how you roll but eventually you will think back to this post, know that I was completely right and go to great lengths to keep your phone number away from the PTA directory in the future.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

So I take it the Nerd Herd meeting didn't go well today? Does Big Kid like it at least?

Unknown said...

It went as well as trying to organize six 5-7 year olds for an hour and half at your house can go, but it's such chaos. Even at the best of times. Same with volunteering in Big Kid's classroom--I've got them pinned down on the time tests and the pencil sharpening and the cheating now but it's still so tiring to deal with flocks of children.

Big Kid loves it. (Of course.)

Jess said...


I won't do it. I used to teach elementary school, so at this point with 3 of my own children? Volunteering in a school classroom is akin to having my hair groomed by a gorilla.

I'd rather not, thanks.

Besides. I'd rather be eating sour cream and onion potato chips and reading a trashy novel while pretending to be home slaving over laundry.

The Chic Chauffeur said...

This just shows how smart you are Ashley! It took me to my 4th kid to finally realize that the parents of the children who are the WORST BEHAVED never ever ever volunteer, and there is a reason behind that!!!!

Call me the zoo plate mom, or the mother of 4, who learned the hard way!

Jennifer said...

Oh crap. I'm the co-leader of my daughter's Daisies troop. We haven't had her first meeting yet.

Paige said...

I totally agree although I know better than to volunteer to deal with someone's kids. I sometimes go completely stupid and volunteer for something else, and always WTF I have gotten myself into

Im always sorry

Caren said...

Oh crap. I'm volunteering on Thursday in my son's first grade/second grade multi-age class. We're carving pumpkins and estimating seed counts or something of the sort. I did Kid Writing last year in Kindergarten and hated it, also having been a former classroom teacher, I too would rather have my hair groomed by a gorilla but like Big Kid, my guy LOVES when I come in. I figure I can put up with it for a short time and really, how many more years is he actually going to want me there?

Wish me luck.

kim {the non-mom blogger} said...


Tara said...

My mom learned the hard way as well. She volunteered, was nominated and elected for VP of my school's PTA. She hated every freakin' minute of it. Vowed never to do it again. She didn't even attend the meeting the following year where they nominate and elect new officers.

She was nominated and elected PRESIDENT of the PTA. At the meeting she didn't attend. Those other moms were brilliant...she wasn't there to say no, and no one else wanted to do that god forsaken job.

Anonymous said...

I volunteered to help in the cafeteria (yes, what was I thinking)once a week after succumbing to mommy peer pressure ("it will be fun"). Now my kid won't even eat cafeteria food because "its gross" and I am stuck serving everyone else's kids 3 hours a week. Never again.

Kelli in LA

jennyandcompany said...

oh, I so agree. I jumped at the chance to serve on the BOD when my kids were in school - one meeting a month with just adults and nobody ever called and asked me to volunteer in any other way. Worked beautifully.

I don't usually care for other people's kids, they get on my nerves. It's best I just stick to my own.

Unknown said...

I am taking your advice! Mine aren't quite old enough to be dealing with this crap yet, but I won't be volunteering. The occasional room-mom activity will be ok, but there is no way in hell that I am having that many 5-7 year olds at my house. I don't like other people's kids, I've known this for a while now :)

shelly said...

Totally, and it snowballs and multiplies. I'm currently unemployed and have to be careful what I commit to, otherwise they would have me over at that school full-time for free.

asnell said...

I wish I had met you earlier...I am knee-deep in Room Mom BS.

AnastasiaBeaverhousen said...

word. told ya PTA was a cult and they would suck all of the time, sanity and will to live right out of you.

but.....I am still right there, in school, all of time. Its nice knowing exactly what goes on without having an 8 year old or 5 year old trying to tell you. When a kid freaked out and Mrs. N had to deal with it and got her elbow bruised, I knew it was just a freak out and a bruise. By the time my child got home from school the story was that "Timmy beat up Mrs. N and she is hurt and her arm is broken!!"

But don't count on me for any ZooPals.......;)