Friday, May 27, 2011


The other day we were out in public and little kid wormed his hands up under my shirt to warm his cold little hands on my back.

"little kid, do you think you could NOT lift my shirt up in public so that everyone sees my bare belly? Please?" I asked, jerking my shirt back into place.

He started laughing really hard and I was annoyed he wasn't taking me seriously when he said, "Mom! You's got a human bein' belly! Not a bear belly!"

It's hard to stay mad at that.


Lin said...

Bwahaha...he's so freakin' cute! I wouldnt be able to stay mad at him either.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend just broke up with me and I was reading your blog to cheer me up...if I ever move to florida please accept my offer to babysit for them all the time for free. Seriously.