Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Zoo

I went to the Miami Zoo on Thursday with a new friend. Long-time readers will know that this is a big step for me--that I'm wary of making new friends, little less getting into a car with them and driving around the state with a bunch of kids.

We had a great time. She's really nice and she's a great parent, she seems normal. I'm shocked that she likes me.

We had an awesome day. The kids got to feed giraffes:

This could have been an amazing photo. Even the giraffe looks disappointed in how it turned out.

But this one...this one is pretty amazing:

See the crazy eyes? That's what happens when I say, "One more, this time with your eyes open!"

See the "Breeding for the future" sentence and the picture of the two kimodo dragons mating behind him? (Click to enlarge.) That's what happens when mom doesn't check the background.

AND that's why this is my new favorite photo.


Julie H said...

Too funny! On our last visit to the zoo I said "I think those lizards are making babies" and my son said "is that how they do it"?

Jennifer said...

I love that photo even though I hate those ginormous lizards so much we can't even go to that part of our zoo.

Bethany said...

Great photo. I have one from last year's Marine Corps ball that's even better. My husband and I are standing in front of the cake that has Suez Canal written on it, but we are standing so that all you can read is anal. I had it as my facebook profile picture for months before anyone noticed and pointed it out. Klassy. :)

KatBouska said...

You're going to the zoo with new friends and they're not me? How much money do I need Ashley? HOW MUCH!?!

Lynda Kay said...

PLEASE do me a favor! Zoom in on his crazy little face until you can only see that along with the caption above his head & print it out...I'll pay you a million dollars for it...