Sunday, May 1, 2011


I had a list of links complete with commentary for you all to enjoy while I'm on my cruise but I brilliantly deleted them all. So here's a really condensed version:

Baby: (Warning, tasteful nudity)

Half brothers meet


Times are tough

Cats: My cat loves doing this to Mr. Ashley and it cracks me up. She will not come in unless he flattens himself between the door and wall out of her sight.

Insane internet drama: Article, article by an involved friend, victim's blog,  youtube video of hoaxer

Marwencol: Super interesting, watch the documentary on Netflix instant watch.

Pencil vs. camera

Then I remembered

Bits o' truth

Mourning chimps

And I'm out!

(This has not been proofread and I'm leaving right now, so you're out of luck on any errors or typos.)


Jennifer said...

The internet hoax story is bizarre. Why on earth would someone do that?

Brie said...

I too could not turn away from that story as I met my dh online scary and has movie written all over it.