Thursday, February 21, 2013

Favorite Things: Eyelashes and Silence

Well, we're two days late on our weekly favorite things post but I have nothing to give you this time anyway--EXCEPT THE GIFT OF LONG EYELASHES AND QUIET CHILDREN. Seriously. But you have to use your own money. Sorry.

Did you sign up for the Bizzy Babee nursing cover giveaway yet, though? We've determined you could use it to sneak things into the movies and/or just have a fashionable, wearable blanket if you're against sneaking things in, so you don't even need to be nursing. Or have a baby. That's not an approved use by Bizzy Babee, by the way, but it is brilliant.

Anyway, I was briefly considering eyelash extensions for my short, stubby, blonde eyelashes but then I remembered that I am broke and lazy and that it seemed kind of silly. I had all but given up on the idea when I noticed my hairdresser's eyelashes were suddenly insane. I asked her about it and she recommended Nutra LUXE LASH MD. I was skeptical because it wasn't that super fancy Latisse stuff but having nothing better to do, I ordered some on December 31st and told myself I'd give it until March (because I like to quit things that don't offer immediate results, so I needed an end date).

I was starting to think that applying it just made you pay more attention to your eyelashes, and probably perceive them as longer. It's easier to put on than eyeliner though and doesn't itch or burn so I continued using it. Just last week while applying mascara, I noticed my eyelashes are starting to get unruly; they are so long.  The tips are almost touching my eyebrows. Mr. Ashley even noticed with no prompting. I truly can't believe the difference in so short a time and I'm a little worried about where it goes from here. Do people trim eyelashes? I don't know but I hope to have that problem. I can't believe it works.

I'm now realizing I should have picked related things for the favorite things because this is an awkward transition, but whatever. Something else I am really loving right now is Snap Circuits . My boys got them for Christmas the year before last and I'm embarrassed to say that they sat around for way too long before being opened. I assumed it would be a lot of work for me and potentially boring. The truth is that I enjoy playing with these as much or more than the kids do and it's extremely educational in a really fun way. My kids love building the suggested projects but even more they like "tinkering" (that's what they call it, which cracks me up) and seeing if they can create something with the pieces. I think this is one of the best toys we own--it's hands on, educational, encourages a love of building and science, and is easy to put together. It's also the perfect gift idea for anyone ages 6 to 60. Well, not anyone. But people who might like that sort of thing. Don't buy any for me because I already have some.

So this was a little random, but I guess my favorite things are. When I'm Oprah-rich, I will buy all of you all of these things. I swear.


Jessica said...

We have Snap Circuits Jr. and we love it, too. It's a lot of fun and easier than I thought it would be.

Anonymous said...

Dude, have you sold out?


Unknown said...

Haha Murphy, no. This isn't even a sponsored post--I'm that excited about long eyelashes. I'm just trying to force myself to write more by having weekly topics. But yeah, selling out will hopefully happen sometime in the very near future. ;-)