Thursday, February 28, 2013


I have been up since 1:30 this morning, when little kid climbed into my bed complaining of an earache. He thrashed around on the bed, moaning loudly, and I thought, "Well, it doesn't get much worse than this."

Within moments of having that thought, he vomited down the side of my bed, on my laptop cord, and on the down comforter.

It pretty much only got worse from there.

I encouraged Mr. Ashley to go to another room and get some sleep around 3am, when I went outside to our detached laundry room in the cold night air in my tank top and underwear to throw a puke towel in the washer. That was a terrible idea, by the way, because now I have a puke washer but frankly, I am beyond caring. I will figure that problem out later. I will throw that towel away. I will get a new washing machine. Well, not really about the washing machine, but I wish. I have learned my lesson about at-home biohazard clean up, I was definitely doing it wrong.

Around 6am I finally began drifting to sleep when little kid said, "Mom? Mama?" in a slightly frantic voice.

I bolted upright to ask what was wrong, already scrambling for the puke bucket.

"I've got an idea for Minecraft."

"Mi--Minecraft? Really?"

"Yes." Something something, "brain" something something "crafting" something "Braincraft. Isn't that a cool idea?"

"It is. Braincraft, haha. That's funny," I said feeling delirious. "Let me put a television show on for you so I can lie down for just a minute right here next to you."

I immediately began to sink back into a haze between awake and asleep when I heard him again. "Mom?"


"Did you like my Minecraft idea?"

I decided to give up and start our day, which mostly included lying on an air mattress in the living room, watching movies together and snuggling. It also involved an all day countdown to the return of his brother from school, which started 10 minutes after he got on the bus. His brother who he fights with and gets grounded over every single day. They love each other like crazy, literally, like crazy. Before he left Big Kid said, "I want to hug you, but I can't risk it," and little kid nodded solemnly in understanding.

I think between his fever, being up all night, and it being rainy and gray, he had no concept of time anymore. He kept setting the timer for 30 minutes so he could track the time until his bubby arrived. It was a very weird day, with no sun and time moving slowly but marked with a harsh buzzer at every 30 minute mark.

30 minutes before the expected arrival he turned on me, belligerent and furious that I had lied to him about what time the bus comes because he wanted his brother right that second.

It was a huge relief when Big Kid finally got home.

At this point I was a zombie, so I put on a movie and tried to doze for just a minute. But I guess I looked extremely snuggly because I had two boys and a dog on me within moments.

Which wasn't really that bad.

He seemed a lot better today and I thought we were in the clear, but soon after falling asleep tonight, I heard him moaning and realized he had a fever. I am ready for him to return to school. I mean, feel better. Or sleep. But we will be hanging out again tomorrow.

But hopefully not tonight.


Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Don't feel bad My kid has strep and a high fever and do sleeping with him last night was like sleeping with a hot lava filled volcano. Then the dog decides she should sleep with us too. So a 60 pound lab invades our space. I prayed to baby Jesus for daylight and coffee.

Sasha said...

So sorry! I've had to pull clean puke out of my washing machine, and it's no more pleasant than when it's freshly unclean. Not one bit.

Hope little kid is feeling better!

Unknown said...

I want to hug you, but I can't risk it.

Seriously, you have the best sons EVER.