Friday, February 22, 2013

Yoga Uprising

I skipped yoga yesterday and went to the beach. It was worth it.

Since my yoga studio membership is only a 30 day Living Social deal, I feel tremendous pressure to go as often as possible--which is difficult for someone as lazy as me. I like yoga, and I love the studio (mostly because it's 2 minutes from the house), and I was trying to find ways to continue the membership...but sometimes I feel secretly relieved that it will end one day.

I could barter work hours at the studio for yoga. But then I'd have to work. So I'm torn on that one.

No recent sightings of the yoga goblin but there is a new guy who breathes like Cookie Monster. It's like a loud, deep growl on every exhale. Good for him and all, but it's annoying as hell. We also have another guy who speaks of himself in the third person frequently and tries to argue against opening the outside door for fresh air. I pretty much shout over him that the door needs to be opened when asked. If he wants to be hot, he can do it later.

Even though we're not taking hot yoga, they like to keep it hot in there. They try to chalk it up to some scientific yoga nonsense, but I think living in Florida is enough. There is nothing scientific about not turning the air on. I guess some people like to sweat?

At the last class there was a mini mutiny afterwards about the temperature. The teacher said the air was on and a few people grouped together to insist that it wasn't, or it wasn't low enough, and that it was unacceptable since we hadn't signed up for hot yoga. The instructor was a bit flustered over the uprising of her formerly zen students, and I'm hoping it means we have some cool air today because if I wanted to sweat a lot, I'd go back to jogging. Which I'm considering anyway since it gives me an excuse to go to the beach, and at the beach I do a lot of walking/wandering/sitting/non-aerobic activity that isn't really jogging at all.

I don't know. I just don't like exercise. I'm in a wedding this June and I'm 10 years older than all of the other bridesmaids, so that's where my motivation lies. Not an actual interest in a healthy lifestyle. God, no.

Let's hope the other students are quiet today and the air conditioning is booming.


mom said...

I went to water aerobics today and it kicked my ass!

Cindy said...

"If Steve wants to be hot, he can do it later."

Hahahaha. I hate exercising too. I don't do it. Ever. However, I just signed us up for Color Me Rad 5K in less than two months. Idiot move.

Jessica said...

I sweat enough from the exercise itself, I don't need to add external heat to that. Fight the power, yoga class!

I shoveled a foot of snow off my driveway earlier. That's enough exercise for the day.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I HATE exercise! For Lent I said I would workout for 15 minutes each day. But I am more spiritual than religious and don't think God cares about what I do for Lent or if Catholics eat cows on Fri vs Sat. And again, I hate exercise. So between us...I have yet to accomplish that insanely tiny 15 min goal. How lame and I?! So I am crazy impressed that you have done so much yoga. That's awesome!