Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hey There

I just had an--eerie? interesting? uplifting? hopeful? highly coincidental? moment.

As you all know, I got two new kitties after my very best friend passed on August 27th. I love them, fiercely, even though they are ruining all of my stuff, got shit on my brand new couch and ottoman yesterday, keep me up all night every night, have scratched me up so badly that I look like a victim of abuse, and I wheeze for hours each morning since one makes me sleep with him acting as a scarf. I adore them. I can barely speak in a normal tone because I am in constant baby cat talk mode all day long. I gather them up throughout the day and bury my face in them and feel so freaking lucky to have my own pile of cats.

 I just went to change the litter box and noticed diarrhea with what looks like blood. Panicking, I rushed to the computer to google that symptom. Immediately as the thought, "Should I take them to the vet?" entered my head (knowing of course that I would, these cats are treated like little kings) my hand bumped the mute button on my computer and "Hey There, Delilah," began to play from the beginning. I haven't heard it since I was on my knees in the vet's hallway, praying to God and the universe and the vet and my cat that sweet Pearl would stay. Prayer request denied.

Before I could even process what was happening, I began to cry because it made me remember so clearly and because I miss her so much. So, so, so much. I'd say at least once a day, I close my eyes and try to remember what she smelled like, the little patch of velvety-fur on her nose that grew both ways, how light she was in her arms, how it felt when she unearthed me from the covers and bumped her nose against mine. I live in constant fear of forgetting.

I hope she was saying hi, and to go to the vet.

 The song is probably 3/4 of the way down on my insanely long Spotify list, I did not have Spotify playing on purpose (or by choice), and I think it's pretty neat that the song started from the beginning at such a freakishly relevant time. So the cats are going to the vet, promptly.

Edited to add: Kitties have some medicine and will probably be fine, although it was difficult to tell exactly what the problem is. So that was expensive and a ton of fun for the cats.


Julie H said...

oh wow! I hope everyone is ok. They are so super sweet there cuddling.

duhneese said...

Whoa. Thinking good kitty thoughts for you.

The Other Gail said...

I love how the tabby one is hugging his friend.

Furiously Curious said...

That was a sign from Pearl, Ashley. She is still with you.

My 16 year old cat started with the bloody, mucus-y (sorry) diarrhea about that age. Turned out hers was IBD. I didn't know any better then but now I know, grain-free is best. Even expensive, high-end cat foods can still have grains so check the label. Canned is better than dry, too. You probably already have this down, but thought I would mention it just in case. I wish that information had been available in 1997! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

How freaking cute is that picture??

Rena said...

oh Ashley! so so sweet - and what a great tribute to Pearl. xo