Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Student of the Week

The other day little kid announced that he was student of the week.

"I'm gonna be it for two weeks because of the schedule," he explained.

"That is so nice!"

"Not really."

"What? Why not?"

"Student of the week is to honor and appreciate," except he says appreeseeate," students who are very kind or good or nice."

"See? That's awesome! Nothing wrong with that and to get to be it for TWO weeks?!?"

"Yeah, but you have to sweep up your class's table in the cafeteria."


"Yeah, that's one of the duties. There are other things that are good, but I think it's not the best way to be honored and appreciated."

Yeah. It's hard to argue with that logic.


Unknown said...

It's hard being a public figure, LK.

Nancy said...

My 6th grader agonized over the letter of recommendation from a past teacher, report card, and paragraph "essay" she had to turn in in her quest to be chosen as one of the coveted 6th grade "peer leaders". She was ecstatic when she was chosen, and, of course, I was proud. Only, honestly, so far, beyond getting a special t-shirt they are supposed to wear on Wednesdays, as far as I can tell, they simply get to stay after school once a week and help teachers sort papers and what not. Luckily she hasn't seemed to notice that this is just a glorified way to get a little free child labor. Hurrah for peer leaders . . . ????? Sheesh.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Has Big Kid adjusted to the new school? Better teacher, I hope?


Unknown said...

He is kind of famous. I think he's won student of the week 6 times in his 2 years at the school--I seriously didn't even think that was possible. Last year he was office helper almost all year because he was the most responsible...hahahaha. I don't know if all of the other kids were just WILDLY irresponsible or if he's a different kid at school but it is surprising to hear he's the one trusted to wander the halls alone.

Nancy--they are geniuses. I wish we could adapt this method for home life. "You are the Family Member of the Week and get to do our dishes. YAY YOU!"

PPC, he's like a whole new person. It's amazing how much he likes school now. Jury's still out on if he's learning as much (since they do everything differently) but whatever, I'll figure that part out. His teacher likes him a lot. My next post is actually about our only issue so far.

Lin said...

Haha, I'd have to agree with the little dude.